Sunday, August 21, 2016

~Biscotti, Stuffed Cabbage & New Garden Patio Project~

I love baking!!
I decided to bake some biscotti.
Here's the recipe
I added some fresh grated lemon, 
I love the taste of lemon!!

With a homemade latte,
I'm in Heaven!!
Our family loves stuffed cabbage. My mother-in-law, Mary,
 was from Poland. I was thinking of her and all the wonderful memories and thought I'd make some stuffed cabbage for the family. Here is a very good recipe I used

I picked some fresh pears out of the garden.
So delicious, Orient Pears!!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Stan is working on another garden patio area.
He amazes me so much with his energy and ability to design.
I'm so lucky!!
I'll share with you the finished area soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

~My Favorite French Garden Books and Simple & Sweet Fridays #233~

I wanted to share with you this week,
 two of my favorite 
~French Garden Books~
These books have inspired me to take photographs
of our garden and cook recipes using our garden's produce.
Kitchen Gardens of France
Louisa Jones
Here are some photos from the book.

I love each garden.
Fresh Garden Cooking in the French Style
Georgeanne Brennan
Foreword by Alice Waters
This book has inspiring garden photos and delicious recipes!

I love reading these books and dreaming of the 
beautiful gardens of France!
You can find both books on Amazon!
~Our Potager Garden Stew~
We made a quick lunch from our garden vegetables;
zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and onion.
We added ground beef and parmesan cheese.
~Garden to Table~

If you have been featured on
Simple & Sweet Fridays,
feel free to add my button!
Rooted In Thyme

Enjoy the Simple & Sweet Friday linky party!

Rooted In Thyme

Monday, August 15, 2016

~Trip to Summers Past Farm~

I wanted to share photos of a trip I took to
 Summers Past Farm
 this last week.
It was my friend, Colleen's birthday and we both wanted to visit our favorite nursery.
You can see their site here:
It's a beautiful nursery located in
 Flinn Springs, California
Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Unfortunately, the heat lately everywhere in San Diego has done a number on everyone's garden.
But, with watering
 after a hot day the pumpkin leaves will look great...

Inside the barn has lots of wonderful things!!
Quite a collection of miniatures!

Their herbal soap shop has handmade soaps.
They make them in the shop and 
also have supply kits to make your own!

Suzzane is an employee here. I've known her for over 20 years now, before she worked at Summers Past Farm.
I bought most of our statuary in our garden from her.
 Great to visit Sheryl and Marshall's nursery
 and to see a wonderful friend. 

Summers Past Farms
15602 Olde Hwy 80
Flinn Springs, CA 92021
(619) 390-1523

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