Wednesday, July 20, 2016

~New Chalkboard for the Garden & New Roses and Simple & Sweet Fridays #229~

I wanted to share with you a project I just finished.
A Chalkboard for the Garden!
I've gone to many garden tours and loved the idea of having a chalkboard in the garden.
You can list flowers, vegetables or even herbs that you want to grow.
In the clearance section at Home Goods,
 I found a great chalkboard.
It was a Broyhill vintage chalkboard with hooks on the sides.
I loved the design, so I could hang fresh flowers from the garden. 
We have a very large section on the wall near our outside sink
 that needed a special touch to it.
Here is a photo from a distance.
I love the color red, but wanted to match the trim of the windows.
I applied the white outdoor paint lightly,
 so you could see some of the red paint underneath.
Stan helped me hang it.
I was lucky to find the right size chalkboard.
It looks pretty as a focal point from the other side of the garden.
Now I can pick fresh flowers everyday!
A light lunch after the finishing the project.
I picked some swiss chard.
 And made minestrone soup with it.
Almond and chocolate croissants
for dessert.
Great day!
Here are some photos of our new roses in the garden.
~Princess Alexandra of Kent Rose~

~Pat Austin Rose~
~Carding Mill Rose~

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

~Lunchtime in Paris- Mary's Birthday Party and Simple & Sweet Fridays #228~

I wanted to share with you a birthday party I hosted,
 for my dear friend, Mary.
The theme was
 "Lunch time in Paris".
I love France and everything about it.
Fresh bread, wonderful food, wine and romance!!
 What a perfect idea to use Paris as the theme for this party! 
I made a restaurant sign using butcher paper and black marker.
I just love the way it turned out.
My mannequin is festive too!
I wrote my friend's names with a calligraphy pen 
on glassine bags.
 They took them home with cookies I made.

Purple and white was the color scheme.
 I used my mother's antique silverware to 
add to the Parisian look.
I added a linen runner from Pottery Barn to the white rustic table.
Purple crystal wine glasses from Home Goods and 
beautiful Purple and Creme Roses from Trader Joe's
 tied the table together.
I added accent pieces with a chalkboard 
written with pastry goodies on it and 
place mat I found at T. J. Maxx with a Paris map on it.
An Effiel Tower Candelabra given to me from my friend, Yuri.

I found these charming French macaron ornaments at a little French store in San Diego.
~Maison En Provence~
They were perfect to hang on the chandelier over the dining table.
I placed antique music sheet paper inside vases 
with dried lavender on the wall.
I made a hand-stamped candle holder with Paris script.
 It was a great touch.
I added pink Himalayan salt and pepper in small containers.
A painted chalkboard tray was used for a cute sign for the bathroom.
I found these cute little piggies at a vintage store in Lake Tahoe.
I bought some dried lavender from Trader Joe's
and hand-stamped a Paris label on them.
Some french wine and Ooh La La drawing added to the whimsy! 

I fell in love with these napkins which,
 was the first thing I bought for the party.
~Different French Cheeses~
I wrote out each cheese onto black chalkboard stickers,
then placed them on some labels I aged with tea.
Fresh Bread, Brie and Butter
~A French Peach Martini~
I found the recipe online,
 but used Peach Vodka instead.
I made French Onion Soup
I used chicken broth instead of beef broth.
Quiche and butter lettuce salad, walnuts, blue cheese 
and raspberries.
For the Birthday Cake!
~Amaretto Bombe~
Chocolate almond cake soaked in amaretto syrup &
covered in chocolate ganache, decorated with
chocolate drizzle.
I bought the Amaretto Bombe cake at our local bakery near us,
Hans & Harry Bakery in Bonita.
I made some French butter cookies(Petite Sables De Paris)
I also made Madeleines.
The chocolate oreos were made from a 
package from 
Williams Sonoma, Bouchon Bakery
I stamped them with a Paris cookie stamp.
Chocolate truffles from Godiva Chocolates 
was the first choice!
French Handmade Macarons from Lette 

Happy Birthday Mary!
(Linda, Mary, Me, Tami, Yuri and Virginia)
It was a wonderful day celebrating Mary's birthday!
We love Paris!!

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