Monday, March 12, 2018

~Flower Crown Wreath~

I wanted to share with you a flower crown wreath that I made.
I used flowers from the garden.
Waxflowers, baby's breath, wisteria and floral wire.
You can use any flowers blooming in your garden.
This was my mother's statue she had in her garden.
A Spring crown is just what she needed.

My little girl statue wanted one too!

I loved making these flower crowns, 
making more soon!
Our beautiful Tabebuia Tree in bloom!

Friday, February 23, 2018

~DIY Celery Rose Art ~

I wanted to share with you a project 
I did using celery.
By using fabric paint and celery,
 you can make a beautiful Spring tea towel or table runner.
First you cut the celery stalk.
Choose what color fabric paint
 you want to make your rose for the project.
Paint the celery stalk and just have fun making roses!!
That easy!!

An easy art project for Spring!!
Happy Painting!

Monday, January 22, 2018

~Garden of Hearts~

Garden Inspiration for Monday!
 Taking a walk through our garden to find 

I almost missed these cute miniature heart stepping stones,
the ladybugs helped me find them!

I made this pretty rose wreath last year.
Heart sugar cookies for a sweet treat!
Hope you all have a wonderful week in your gardens!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

~Christmas Cookies~

I just wanted to share some photos of all the cookies,
 I've been making for Christmas!
Cute sugar snowmen!!
I cut out fondant the shape of the cookies.
I painted the snowmen family with sterling pearl sugar and gels. 
I had a lot of fun creating them!!
I made Lemon Pistachio Wreath cookies.
It was a Martha Stewart recipe.

Thumbprint and Snowballs!!

More sugar cookies with sprinkles!!
Love Christmas Time!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

~Joys of Christmas 2017~

Christmas is here and jumping 
into the spirit of the holiday upon us.
Making cookies and decorating the house.

Celebrating the season in our garden.

Stan and I made Christmas topiaries this year with succulents.

Inside we hung a stained glass window in our living room,
 my dad made.

The stockings I made when the kids were little.

I created this sweet snowmen couple out of
 vintage salt and pepper shakers.
Looking forward to the holiday celebrations ahead!

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