Sunday, February 23, 2014

~Orchids Blooming~

I wanted to share with you Stan's orchids that are blooming.
We have them upstairs in our bedroom, but when they flower I move them around the house.
The variety is called Phalaenopsis.
I love the different colors that are blooming right now.
I usually place them on some of my vintage silver trays.
It gives the house that pop of color where I need it.
Placing them in rustic pots gives it that Mediterranean look.
Orchids are a great way to add color inside during the winter.


  1. Jody,
    Your orchids are just fabulous. Very pretty.

  2. Your orchids are just gorgeous. When we lived in South Florida I had wild orchids in the trees out back. xo Diana

  3. When I was teaching, I often got orchids as gifts from my students. Their parents worked in the flower fields and they would bring me flowers because they knew I loved them and the orchids didn't cost the parents much. But, I never knew what to do with the orchids when the flowers were gone. I tried planting them in the garden, but they died. Does Stan just grow them in the house?

  4. Hi Jody, the orchids are beautiful that your husband planted! They really do brighten up a room! Stan did a great job! Wishing you a wonderful day.

  5. So pretty! I have a couple that are ready to bloom too!

  6. Stan's orchids are beautiful. They always look so nice in the house with their pops of color. I just had one bloom and it looked like a spider.
    Have a great week.

  7. All your ordhids are really beautiful. I'm not very good with orchids or any plant that don't need a lot of water for that matter.

  8. Hi Jody,

    Your orchids are so pretty! I love them too.. even if I can't get them to re-bloom. They are worth the money as they are a long lasting flower if cared for properly. It's fun to purchase different colors and styles! Enjoy your Monday:):)


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