Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summers Past Farm

Photo by Stan Gabara
Stan and I decided to jump in our car for a "Nursery Road Trip" to Summers Past Farm. It was a rainy day and the flowers looked beautiful. It's located in Flinn Springs near El Cajon. The view of the mountains in the background are so green this time of year, it's worth the drive. The owners, Marshall and Cheryl, are so helpful to whatever questions you have on your garden. They built a huge barn with lots of wonderful things inside. They also have a soap shoppe, plants and grounds to explore. Hope you can put this on your nursery list! 

Jody, Marshall and Cheryl

Photo by Stan Gabara

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  1. Just wanted to put in a plug for Marshall and Cheryl (Summer's Past Farm is my favorite place next to Jody and Stan's yard). They have a great website at You can order items from the soap shop on their website. I encourage everyone to pay them a visit.


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