Sunday, October 21, 2012

~Barn Sale at Matilda's Mouse Antiques~

Matilda's Mouse Antiques
 in Valley Center, California,
 is definitely a place to visit.
They are located in an historic barn on the
"Betty Crocker"estate, in Valley Center.
They are not open to the public every day, but have "antique events".
My friends, Tami and Mary told me all about the antique barn sale.
So of course, a road trip was planned.
The barn was decorated for Halloween and looked fantastic!
They had lots of treasures for everyone.
I loved all the outdoor items displayed.
Old Furniture

Inside the barn was very festive!
Just Precious!

What would Halloween be without a Ouija board?
Collections everywhere you looked!


 their adorable mascot was there.
A friend of Matilda's stopped by.
The barn looked so pretty with the light shining through that day.  
Hope you can go to their other events!
Nov. 9-11
Dec. 7-9

~Matilda's Mouse Antiques~


  1. Oh wish I was there. Saw many things I`d like to get.

  2. Occasional sales like that are the best! And the barn itself is worth the trip. If I were a little closer, that is. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's my kind of sale. How much for that wheel and that white metal scrolly headboard?

  4. Wow! If I lived closer, I'd have to visit this place. It looks likes somewhere I could spend several hours. I'm a new follower who also loves vintage and crafting. If you ever have a minute stop by and visit. I'm looking forward to reading future posts.

  5. I wish I lived in California! Its not the sun, nor the beach (although...), its the amazing antique and vintage markets you have. Sooooo Jealous!!!

  6. I'm a California girl. Where is Valley Center? I am not familiar with it.
    Great looking barn.

  7. I've been told of the wonders of Matilda's Mouse...would love to go some day - I'm so close, here in Vegas, there really is no excuse - Happy Monday, Jody...Tanya

  8. Oh my gosh... a whole barn full of delights! It would be a REAL field trip for me. ;) Thanks so much for sharing. Loved Mathilda!

  9. How fabulous,I wonder what you bought. I don't think I could have gotten out of there without a truck load. Wish it was near me. :)

  10. Nice tour and the Haunted sign on the barn is the best!



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