Monday, November 26, 2012

~Someone's Treasure~

I love thrift stores as much as my mother did.
She couldn't stop by one without 
running in for 5 minutes.
It was that look in her eye and excitement she had.
I now 
know how she felt.
Every time I'm shopping for that one treasure,
 I think of her.
I couldn't resist finding these 
vintage Christmas ornaments.
They just don't make them like they used to.
The colors and designs seem to bring back wonderful memories.
I'm so glad I stopped for
 5 minutes at the thrift store.
I love this one,
 A Shooting Star. 
Sending Happy Christmas Thrift Shopping To Everyone!
Hope you find a treasure too!

Don't forget to put on your calendar:
Summers Past Farms
Saturday, December 1st
Antique & Craft Fair
rustic post and timber bard

Antique & Craft Fair
Saturday, December 1st
9:00am - 4:00pm

An extraordinary Craft Fair! Over 70+ fine craftsman and expert artisans can be found at our Fall Craft Fair. Crafts, collectables, antiques & a garden sale all on our spacious lawn area. Enjoy your day shopping for the holidays at this great outdoor event!

Stan and I will be there selling our crafts. I'll show you some photos later this week! Hope to see you there!

Summers Past Farms
15602 Olde Hwy 80
Flinn Springs, CA 92021
(619) 390-1523


  1. They are beautiful. I just photographed some Shiny Brites a few minutes ago. I have the same Silent Night ornament. It really is thrilling to find them for a good thrifty price. All mine were found at garage sales. Happy Christmas, Olive

  2. They are wonderful, I just have a few wish I had more......Merry Christmas..with love Janice

  3. Beautiful Treasures and me too, our Mother introduced us to Thrift Store shopping and I am glad she did! Hugs, Diane

  4. Sure wish I still had my childhood ones..
    Love The Silent Night one most...maybe:-)

  5. My folks still have their original ornaments like these (many of them the same ones) on the tree. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, Jody - Tanya

  6. You found some beautiful vintage ornaments! Have a great week....Hugs, Penny

  7. These vintage ornaments are wonderful. What a great find. I love all the soft faded colors.

  8. Jody; those are so beautiful--you just can't get the colors and patina like that on new stuff! How gorgeous they are displayed in your pretty home. Have a blessed and creative week! Patty

  9. Love those ornaments! I haven't seen any of those since I was a little girl and we had them on our tree!

  10. I hear you!! Five minutes well spent. Some days I find nothing, other days I can't believe my luck. It is always worth the five minutes. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous ornaments with us! :)

  11. Very smart way to use some time, they don't make them the way they used to anymore. Love this display.


  12. Your ornaments are a lucky find! I search for vintage ornaments frequently, and never have much luck. I hope your Christmas is happy!


  13. Beautiful ornaments. A great find for 5 minutes of time. xo

  14. Such beautiful finds! I have a few ornaments like these that my mother gave me - sweet treasures!
    Have a happy one!

  15. That ornament with the pink in middle with greenish-gray band...? Had one like that at our house when I was young ( my mom's tree ) They were probably common in that style back then but wow, I have seen that one before. What fun to see it again! :)


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