Monday, December 17, 2012

~Our Snow Mantel & Cooking Christmas Cookies~

We've been decorating a little late 
this year and I wanted to have a snow mantel.
I love these icicle lights, I found them at Target.
It adds to the snow mantel.
I started with a piece of white felt.
I cut icicles with scissors, 
 the mantel reminded me of one
 I had when I was little.
I love my trees that I bleached earlier this month. I'm using them for decorations everywhere.
I added silver garland and another church scene next to the mantel. I'll show you later how it looks at night. I made all our 
stockings years ago from kits. 

I thought I'd add a chalkboard drawing with a whimsical chandelier. 
So cute!
An urn with some branches light up
 with a winter playhouse and fence.
I started making Christmas sugar cookies today.

It really felt like Christmas today. Taking the kids stockings out and putting them on the mantel brought  back wonderful memories!
More to put out tomorrow!


  1. I love your icicle mantle, and your chalkboard chandy is so cute! Everything is just beautiful! Hugs, Penny

  2. That is really cute. I would have never thought to use felt for snow. I live in Florida and don't get much snow. I might have to do this next year. :)

  3. Your mantle is very pretty, it must be so homely to sit in that room in the evening all lit up! Our neighbour has found some fake snow and sprinkled it around her path and doorstep - her children are enchanted! Betty

  4. Your mantle is so pretty! Merry Christmas, Jean

  5. Very old-time looking I really like this alot!!! The cookies look so yummy.


  6. Everything looks gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE your chandelier drawing!! :)

  7. Very festive and the felt really works for the snow!

  8. I love your snowy mantle with DIY icicles!! So, so pretty and remember, I'm always available if you need a cookie tester! xo


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