Monday, October 7, 2013

~Baking & Gardening This Weekend~

I wanted to make some cookies this weekend and thought Strawberry Sugar cookies sounded good.
 Edible glitter for the stem, red frosting and tiny sprinkles,
they turned out so pretty!
A pink strawberry jewelry box from my friend, Margie.
Love it!
Back to the cookies, 
I made some heart cookies too.
Everybody loves hearts!
I found this cute Apple Pie dish at Target.
I just had to buy it.
They also had this dish towel with a recipe for 
Apple Streusel Pie.
So, you knew I couldn't resist it either...
I bought this apple slicer from Pampered Chef.
It was just the thing I needed to slice the apples.
Some Special Topping!
It was a perfect dessert for the weekend.
I picked some cabbages for a Fall Arrangement.
I love all the pretty ruffled leaves.
My last project for the weekend was to save my tomato seeds from this years harvest.
 I stamped the names onto envelopes and dried the seeds in a cup.
Now, we'll have plenty to plant next year.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend doing the things you love!


  1. Love the seed packets! I also like to keep my seeds, but I've never put them in such darling packets.... you inspire me :)
    Darling cookies... strawberries, and hearts... they look delish!
    I would have snatched up that apple pie dish also, it's perfect for all year round, and especially cute for Fall.

    Hope this is a great week for you :)


  2. Those cookies are gorgeous! I gave my grandfather one of those apple peelers years ago, but I've always wanted one for myself.

  3. You are the Cookie Queen, Jody. These strawberry cookies are gorgeous. Are there any left?

  4. Those cookies are works of art! I love how your photographed the strawberry cookies with fresh strawberries. So pretty!

  5. I LOVE this post Jody (although it has really turned my sweet tooth on)! Your cookies look soooooooo goooood! Almost too pretty to eat--almost :)
    The pie dish is a pretty one. I love that Target!

  6. OMG the cookies and apple pie look so gooooooooooood.... I also like the pie dish and towel from Target.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. You make me want to get into the kitchen and bake. My neighbors have been loving the baking streak I have been on. Steve doesn't have a sweet tooth so I must share or else I eat everything. I'm thinking an apple pie sounds good today.

  8. All your desserts look fantastic, it made me hungry. Love your new dish too!


  9. What a beautifully busy weekend with some gorgeous treats to spoil yourself. I love your seed packets, what a great idea! Have a great week. xx

  10. Oh my the cookies and that pie look amazing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  11. oh everything looks so yummy...from the cookies to that pie and even the cabbages all gathered.

  12. Ok.....I desperately need to ask my hubby to bake a pie for me this weekend now that I've seen yours, Jody! lol It looks amazing!! Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words you left for me regarding my last post. You are an angel. ♥ I do pray that journaling about this path I'm on will help and encourage someone else out there who maybe experiencing the same thing. :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Those strawberry cookies are so cute. I love everything strawberry!

  14. Jody, you are absolutely amazing! Love everything strawberry, love the Halloween decorations, the glittered acorns, the diorama (wolf), the alphabet pumpkins, in fact I love everything you make and create :) Thank you for inspiring me :)


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