Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Baby Bird Visitor

We had the french door open because it was such a beautiful day outside after the rain storm in San Diego. A baby bird flew in and got confused on how to get out.

Stan helped it outside and the bird was very comfortable with him holding it.
It seemed to be a baby and it's feathers were so pretty.

 Stan held it for the longest time and it wasn't afraid of us at all. 
 Then all of a sudden it flew to a nearby tree and seemed to say goodbye to us. A neat moment...


  1. OHHH MYY GOSHH THIS IS AMAZINGG!!!!! Stan and Jody are like bird whisperers!! Carly did mention how Jody knows how to communicate to birds; are you guys secretly birds??

  2. By the way... great thing you guys always have your camera around now, great capture guys! Stunning photos!

  3. gosh! i don't understand how you guys are getting these photos! Once again they are amazing and i can't believe you were holding a wild bird!


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