Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Costumes This Year For Halloween

Our friends, Mary and Jim had a Halloween party 
this year, so we needed to find costumes.
My husband, Stan,  came up with the idea of a Gnome. He used paper bags to make the hat and mushrooms, then sprayed them with red and white paint. He then used a box to have the illusion of a toad stool. The bearded mask added the look for the Garden Gnome.

I used some old shoes. Then glued them with fall leaves and butterflies. 

I found the gown at the thrift store. Bought the wings and made the crown. Then added more butterflies all over. Thanks to my neighbor, Jackie, with her idea  to attach them with sticky dots. The Gnome and the Woodland Fairy had a great time at the party. 


  1. oh I can't stand it......I shall repeat! "Dear God.....pretty pretty pleeezzee send me neighbors like Jody and Stan! YOU KNOW VERY WELL how much I adore Fairies and Gnomes and all Elementals, and I ADORE people who love them and plant things and even dress up as them! they could come to my Fairy Tea Parties I've been having all my myself!! You would prefer a party to be more than one fun person wouldn't you? Please send me clones of Jody and Stan......".
    I keep trying....
    You guys are just too adorable!


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