Monday, September 17, 2012

~Touches of Fall~

I just started decorating in the house for fall.
It seems so funny to think about the holidays because
 in San Diego this past week the temperature hit 102.
When I think of fall, I think of cool mornings and the trees losing their leaves.
The weather is supposed to be cooler today which will be a good start to decorate the house.
I'm looking forward to it.
Thanks again to my blogging friends for all their creative ideas
 on Simple & Sweet Fridays.
You all inspire me!
Hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Beautiful "touches of fall"! Hugs, Penny

  2. Lovely... especially lovin' the sunflower head under glass! I can't imagine fall at 102. Can't even imagine summer at that temp! :D

  3. I just LOVE sunflowers..I love end of Sept and October too..exactly what you said..But by is not pretty here..!

  4. Those candlesticks with the bling look great with the pumpkins and florals.

  5. I love the colors of fall! You have really captured the beauty in your floral display. I also love the sunflower seed-head in the cake dome.

  6. Beautiful photos to put us in the mood for fall!


  7. Oh how lovely! I didn't get a single sunflower this year :(

    Thank you for sharing!!

  8. I like the way you are transitioning into fall with the sunflowers - especially since you are having such warm temperatures. Lovely, Jody.

  9. Just lovely, the sunflowers are beautiful. I like the dried ones too. Sunflowers make you think of sunshine.


  10. How beautiful this vignette is. The colours are just so rich. Sunflowers in that gorgeous topaz colour vase are stunning,as are those lovely crystal drop pumpkin holders.102 in Autumn,unreal. x


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