Sunday, July 7, 2013

~A Little Sparkle After The Fourth~

I love glass knobs and how they sparkle in the light. 
 I just wanted to take some photos 
of some crystal ones I've collected. 
I've thought of using them on antique furniture.
Maybe in the garden.

I found the amber ones at an Estate Sale.

Everyone needs a little sparkle!


  1. Now to find the perfect pieces for using the knobs.

  2. Oh they're beautiful - LOVE the green ones!
    Get them on some antique furniture ( I'd be too afraid of them getting damaged in the garden )

  3. Oh they are so lovely. I wold put them on some nice piece of furniture - it would look terrific. I'd be a little afraid to place them in the garden. They sure are beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  4. So very beautiful. Love them all.
    Wish you a great week


  5. I am in love with those green beauties! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic week!

  6. I love those amber ones..when we bought our house that was built in the 30's, it already had Crystal knobs of my favorite things about it..nice post...

  7. Those are so beautiful!... I have just one, a purple pressed glass one... I would rather have those sparking around me than diamonds!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. I adore old crystal knobs and your collection is beautiful! They look so nice just sitting in a bowl together! I've never seen ones like the amber before nor the ornamentation on the green ones. Just gorgeous! Hugs,Leena

  9. I don't think I would use these in the garden, they are too pretty. I would be afraid of them getting damaged. LOVE the green ones, get them on a beautiful piece of furniture!!!


  10. They are so lovely. I would love to collect them, but so far I have not see any. I have bought some new ones over the years to put on furniture that Hubby made for me.

  11. Oh how beautiful! These are really just lovely! I really love the green ones but
    the clear is pretty too!. :)

  12. With your garden they would make beautiful garden stakes. I have some wrought iron stakes with glass globes and I love them!-aimee

  13. thanks for sharing the sparkle! luv them!


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