Saturday, January 11, 2014

~Making Comfort Food~

After Stan made me a Latte,
I had lots of energy to bake in the kitchen.
~Loaves of Rustic Bread~
Fresh Vegetables for...
Panini Sandwiches and
a Greek Salad for lunch.
I wanted to bake individual chicken pot pies.
I found Martha Stewart's recipe on line.
Ironically, she has it in the January/ February issue of 
Martha Stewart Living.
I just added peas because I like them!

Easy and Delicious!
Apple Crostata for dessert.
Tomorrow, I'm ready to tackle the garden.


  1. I too like peas so how can you not put them in a pot pie??

  2. Sounds like it's been a lovely, fulfilling weekend! I have to look at the pot pie recipe. I've never made my own and we just love them. I've always had peas in the ones I've had everywhere...maybe Martha likes that element of being different! Your bread looks fabulous, too. Do you have a recipe you can link me to or is it your own? Perhaps you can post it sometime.


  3. Ton post est tout à fait charmant et j'aime beaucoup!
    Have a nice day! Cath

  4. What beautiful pictures! makes me think of eating again even if I don't want to :D. That picture of the Greek Salad with the grilled panini is torturing me actually.
    I made fresh butter yesterday, then HAD to go out to get something warm to put it on and went to a favorite little Italian store which plays Italian music to make you happy and sing along of course, and the owner Gino is there all the time with a face that has a perpetual warm smile on it.....I got fresh bread, and with my butter I was in Heaven. I cannot believe I have never made butter before..... have you tried it? I realized I could really be happy with warm bread and fresh made butter for life. Today fresh Moroccan Mint Tea from my garden and I shared a little pot with a neighbor who was happy and clapped her hands in joy :D.
    I vote your blog the Best All Around Blog in do everything and even photograph it beautifully, and garden, design, cook, craft, have fun with lots of whimsy and celebrate holidays in your own way, even your hubby dressing as an Elf! hands down, the best blog!

  5. The rustic bread looks delicious! Greek salads are one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by and visiting...Mickie


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