Sunday, June 22, 2014

~Sunday Gardening~

I found the most charming basket at 
a vintage store.
I've been placing it in different spots
 to see where I like it the best.
I think for right now,
 I'll leave it here with fresh flowers in it.
 Walking through the garden I thought,
I'd share some photos with you.

Pretty Yellow Flowers

The pumpkin patch is growing.
I saw a little lizard riding a mosaic turtle, too funny!
Miniature Butterfly Bush
A Beautiful Crape Myrtle and 
a yellow Dahlia with dark leaves.

Indian Summer- Alstroemeria

~Happy Gardening Day~


  1. Your garden is so alive and healthy- love it. ♥ your new to you vintage wicker basket, too!

    That lizard on the turtle is just too cute.

    Wish I could go through your garden with you - what a wonderful experience to be able to do that.

  2. Your gardens have the look that can only come from time and love. Ours is just a year old...can't wait to have the look you have. :)

  3. What a magnificent garden you have created. I love the brick walk-way, too. Wicker looks so perfect amongst flowers and I love that it is so 'used'. I love the yellow Dahlias. I want some of my followers who love to garden to see your wonderful yard. Deb

  4. I love seeing your garden and all the little details you have added! it has inspired me to add some things here and there in our garden!

  5. Oh Jody, your garden is so beautiful. thank you for sharing your lovely photo's of all the flowers. Love your new basket. It would be great to take with you as you collect your veggies. I too have blooms on my pumpkin and I get so excited when they start producing pumpkins.
    Happy Summer.

  6. Jody, walking through your garden just thrills me! I love it!!!!! I am always inspired by what you create there. And I love your new basket!!!
    hugs from here...

  7. Love the walk in the garden. We have succulents growing in our birdbath also,
    oh so pretty. Fascinated by the basket, what a lovely find.

  8. Uroczy i romantyczny zakątek - piękne zdjęcia i aranżacje - pozdrawiam

  9. All I can say is that your photos are absolutely dazzling! What a haven!

  10. Oh my...your garden takes my breath away!!!
    Sending hugs ...

  11. Oh wow your garden is beautiful. It must take alot of maintenance.

  12. the garden looks spectacular, so pretty. I love the new basket, it looks great just where you have it.

  13. Beautiful gardens. I like how natural it feels. The basket is such a cute look!

  14. I love all the interesting things in your garden. The lizard is cute, I wonder if you get many of those magical garden decorations. Beautiful

  15. I love your garden and flowers, so many cute touches. The Indian Summer looks like flames burning in the garden, really bright.

  16. Beautiful garden tour!! and being a former floridian I miss Crepe Myrtles, thanks so much for sharing it!!

  17. The little lizard picture is very cute - he needs a dialogue balloon. I wonder what he's say? Lovely pictures of you your garden. Thanks for the tour!


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