Tuesday, May 28, 2013

~Our Vacation in Squaw Valley & Our Nephew's Wedding~

Stan and I went to Squaw Valley for vacation and
 also went to my nephew, Beau's wedding in 
Reno for Memorial Weekend.
We saw where the 1960 Winter Olympics were,
it was so beautiful.

I loved seeing all the old buildings and scenery.

This is a photo of my sister, Bernadette,
 her son Beau, and her husband John.
This is our other nephew, John and his wife, Molly.
Their brand new 4 day old baby, Carter, and daughter Sophia and son Nolan.
Our niece, Jenay, 
 and my sister-in-law, Nancy before the wedding.
Nicole's bouquet was so pretty. 
I love the wedding wreath on the door. 
Everything looked so beautiful at Nicole's house.
Her mother, Sally, had made these cute flower seed favors.
Nicole's dress was gorgeous!

Beau and Nicole 
The Happy Couple
A Wedding We'll Never Forget!
 Mr. and Mrs. Beau Duckett!


  1. A beautiful wedding, a beautiful bride, a beautiful family! The minister? looks so familiar, I don't know why~ xo

  2. Your pictures of the mountains are just breathtaking! Thanks so much for sharing family pictures, what an exciting time. The bride and groom make a beautiful couple!


  3. How beautiful - the bride and groom. How happy they look and the beautiful views are breath taking. Thanks so much for sharing there special day.

  4. Such beautiful shots of your lovely family and the gorgeous couple. I love the idea of the flower seeds, what a wonderful touch. Congratulations to the bride and groom. xx

  5. What a wonderful family wedding! Everyone looks so excited to be there.



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