Tuesday, August 13, 2013

~I won the giveaway from Junk Chic Cottage~

I was so excited today to find a package in our mailbox. 
It was from Kris at Junk Chic Cottage.
It was beautifully wrapped with pretty ribbon
 and a very sweet note inside.
I entered a contest from Junk Chic Cottage to win a copy of the Aug/Sep/Oct issue of Artful Blogging and I won!! 
She is featured for her "Repurposing Style" article.
The feature is so inspiring!
Her photography is beautiful.
Her style of repurposing is very unique and special, just like her!
I loved reading all about her vision and creativity.
She has learned you have to show your style 
and be true to what you love!
Her signature style is finding old architectural
 pieces and repurposing them.
The more history and memories the piece has 
the more she enjoys being creative with it!
I hope you go out and buy a copy today.
I'm so happy to have won the magazine and have learned more about a wonderful inspiring blogger!
Thank you so much for inspiring all of us!
Don't forget to visit her blog too:


  1. Congratulations! I didn't even know Kris was in this magazine! I am so excited to be meeting her next week, we live near one another and I'm going to see her beautiful home!! I hope some of her creativity and talent rubs off on me! lol!

    Congratulations again...giveaways are so much fun! :)


    1. Jane, Have fun! I wish I lived closer to both of you! You're both so creative! Happy Tuesday!


  2. Congratulations on you win Jody! I know how nice it is to receive something you love especially from blogland! I won a handmade necklace from another blogger and received it also packaged nicely with a sweet card, it just makes your day! Enjoy the magazine. I imagine one day soon we'll see you in one!

  3. Thanks Jody for doing this little post on your win. I was really happy to see that the hubby picked you as one of the winners. You are so sweet and supportive so it was my pleasure to send this to you. Enjoy. You will be next in one of these features.

  4. OH YAY!


    She really does have a neat style, and deserves that feature, too.

    I need to pick that up soon!

  5. I finally found the book at Joanne's and couldn't wait till I got home to start reading it. Kris does a wonderful job of decorating.
    So glad that you won.

  6. Congrats! I'd love to win an Artful Blogging issue, they are so expensive!
    P.S. I'm having a clutch giveaway on my blog right now!

    -Brittany Ruth

  7. Lucky Lady! That's a whole lotta inspiration in a little book!!

  8. Congratulations, Jody!
    I know that you will be sharing more of your creative energy, (inspired by this publication), so we will all be winners! Thanks for introducing me to Kris!

  9. Congrats on the win Jody! I love Kiris's blog and think she is so talented.


  10. I've never heard of this publication so will search for this on line now. What a great and beautiful book! xx

  11. Jody-
    Congrats on winning! You are going to be so inspired and just in time for Fall!
    Going to visit her blog right now:)
    Happy and Warm Hugs,


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