Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Herb Garden Wreath~

I love this time of year with all the herbs and sunflowers in bloom. 
I found "The Herb Garden" sign at my favorite store, Summers Past Farms.
 I thought I could use it in our Summer Wreath.
Sunflowers and some cute herb markers
 I bought to place on the wreath too.
I had collected some vegetables;
carrots, beets and cabbages.

It seemed to all fit together on this Herb Garden Wreath.

I was very happy the way it turned out.
Just perfect!
A little sunflower for the garden chair.
A tray I painted with chalk paint to let everyone know,
we love gardening!
Displaying some of my dried hydrangeas 
with candles, so pretty!
My chandelier greeting the guests.
Enjoying a Summer Day in San Diego!


  1. so pretty, love all the wonderful elements. the little herb markers are perfect!

  2. The wreath is a sweet statement about the things you enjoy doing.

    My eye was also drawn to the dried hydrangea arrangement standing by the door to greet your guests! Very inviting!

  3. Your wreath turned out darling. Looks like you are ready for Fall.


  4. Jody,
    Your wreath is beautiful. My flowers are still blooming so I cannot start any fall decor yet. Your front door is so pretty with the wreath.

  5. That wreath is just beautiful....Love it!

  6. Jody your wreath is so lovely! What a wonderful welcome to see when you walk to the door. I also love your silver tray chalkboard sign. So pretty!!! I also adore your little 'planter' chair.

  7. Jody,
    I love your chalkboard tray. What a great idea. I want to make a chalkboard tray. Where can I find chalk paint? Thanks,

  8. Your wreath is really lovely, it's very original, everything looks so pretty and your front porch is very welcoming. The chalkboard is a great idea.

  9. I love the wreath. Sunflowers are my favorite after lavender. Your porch looks so lovely.

  10. Love those herb markers! I have some of my own as well! - aimee

  11. Jody, I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog (Joyful in His Presence) and "following". I've been dealing with some health issues and haven't been able to keep up with things there for a couple of weeks, but I did want to stop and thank you for stopping by.

    I found your blog via Julie (Life is What You Make of It) and do so enjoy visiting here.

  12. Your wreath is so pretty and your porch is gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  13. How beautiful! What a lovely job you did. I love this wreath!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my garden and curb appeal project. You are a darling!


  14. Your wreath looks great- very cute! Love the succulent garden on the chair- very neat! The hydrangeas and candle look great in the little greenhouse/convervatory! Great stuff!

  15. I love your wreath! The whole entry looks wonderful!

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