Monday, April 20, 2015

~New Variety of Flowers~

I love looking for new flowers and plants for the garden.
So many different varieties that I've never seen before.

I always love pansies and violas.
When I have the time,
 I try and press flowers between newspapers.
That way they'll be dry and I can use them for projects in the future.

The kids made pancakes with edible flowers this weekend.
Almost too pretty to eat!
I stamped wooden labels for plants.

I looked through our plant seeds.
We always try and save what we can.
Stan planted tomatoes, zucchini, squashes and more.
We cleared out a section for new tomatoes. 
Looking forward to fresh garden veggies.
Artichokes are still doing well.

Enough for everyone for dinner.
I started growing some sprouts for salads and sandwiches. 
~In 3 Days~
In one week,
 it filled the jar.
It was great on a sandwich.
Our peony bloomed this week.

I wish the blooms could last forever.
I picked out some new plants at the nursery.
They're drought tolerant.
~Salvia Gauranitica~
'Black and Blue'
~Salvia Spathacea~
'Hummingbird Sage'
~Veronica Spicata~
'Royal Candles'
I love finding new plants for the garden.
Another surprise sighting,
our garden rabbit!!


  1. I love your creativity..had to tell you..again.

    Your climate is so different than mine..I can't try everything you do..but I can make those popsickle sticks:)
    I see patience.. caring.. nurturing.... and all you do~

    1. Monique, I love when you stop by. You always give me that extra hug I need for the day. Thank you!

  2. Where to begin?! What a lovely post! Love those markers made from popsicle sticks. So creative!

    1. Michelle,
      The popsicle sticks are so easy to make. Great project for the kids garden too!

  3. Your garden is wonderful - I love seeing all your veggies and flowers. I have never heard of hummingbird saliva. I will have to get some of that for my numerous hummers that I have in my yard. Was it a plant or seeds? They will love it. They love the fuchsia plant and tree..
    Thanks so much for sharing and have a great week.

    1. Mary, I found the plants at Walter Andersen Nursery in downtown San Diego. But, I'm sure at a nursery near you could order it for you. I've seen lots of hummers loving it. Happy Planting!

  4. Jody, you and Stan grow the prettiest flowers and veggies. Your different types of markers are delightful and practical. Peonies, already! Along with lilacs, they are my favourite spring flowers, and I'm looking forward to breathing in their seasonal freshness when I arrive in Canada in early May!

    Thanks for sharing all the beauty that surrounds you!


    1. Can't wait to see all your beautiful photos of your flowers. Thanks Poppy for stopping by.

  5. Lovely! Would you mind sharing where you located those lovely stamps for your markers? Thank you!

    1. Hi Carla, I bought them at Michael's and Jo-Ann fabric and craft store. Hope this helps you out.

    2. Thank you so much! They are so delicate. I will look online as I live out in the country and far from those great stores. Regards!

  6. I just loved this post! Could you let me know where you got the sprout seed pkg please? I always enjoy your posts and get lovely ideas too! Thank you. Jann

  7. Good Morning Jann, I found the sprout seed pkg at Walter Andersen Nursery. If you have a Armstrong Garden Center near you they might have them there too. Happy Gardening!!

  8. Jody just gorgeous. Every time I see your artichokes I want to jump through my computer. LOVE them


  9. Lovely post - pretty pansies and edible flowers on the pancakes :) Your garden is beautiful and I love your new selections. The stamped tags are such a cute idea. Love the little visitor, too. xo Karen

  10. Karen, Thanks so much for stopping by with your sweet comment!!

  11. Tutto meraviglioso, anch'io adoro i fiori, anche da me son fiorite le peonie, cornus, azalee ecc. Lì a casa vostra sembra di essere nel paradiso terrestre. Complimenti!!

    Un abbraccio,

  12. Those peonies are amazing! They are so beautiful that I can understand why you wish the blooms would last forever. Your sprouts reminded me how easy to grow they are and yummy too. The little garden bunny picture looks 3D. :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.


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