Friday, January 27, 2017

~Walking Through the Garden~

Our garden this winter is so green.
We've had so much rain in San Diego.
I planted some Sweet Peas, love them!
The cabbages just love this weather!
Our alstroemerias will be blooming soon.
I can't wait!
~Forget-Me-Not Flowers~
~Miniature Gardens~


Stan did a good job on this succulent arrangement!
The succulents love growing in this birdbath.
Stan definitely has a green thumb growing his Spanish Moss.
This arch is not in bloom yet.
It has a rose, snail plant and purple trumpet.
I can't wait to share it with you when it does bloom!
~Happy Gardening~


  1. Oh my. Your garden look fantastic in the winter too. You should see mine, very snowy, haha.
    Wish you a great weekend.

  2. Jody- Your garden is just beautiful!!! Everything is so lush and green and looks like summer to me. I especially love the fairy tales out there!

    We don't have anything that is green here at all. We lose our growing season at the end of September (if we keep it that long) and nothing will green up here until mid April sometime. I do miss living in the south this time of year. xo Diana

  3. Such pretty pansies. I certainly appreciate your photos while we dig our way out of, yet again, another snow-storm here. Deb

  4. Love your garden and your flowers are beautiful. Our lawns are so green and look terrific. Today was the first time in 3 weeks that the gardener could do anything. Every Friday it was raining. I do see new little shoots coming up and can hardly wait. I can no longer knee down and do any planting, so I have to depend on whoever I can catch to help me LOL. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful gardens.


  5. Beautiful garden and you can enjoy it all year! You are so blessed!

  6. Beautiful garden and you can enjoy it all year! You are so blessed!

  7. Just found your site in a 2014 article a garden of memories and I'm just getting started blogging so I checked you out !! I love gardening 😁

  8. I am so glad you guys got rain! I am also envious that you can garden all year. Everything here is so brown. But seeing your garden makes me happy!

  9. Thank you for this dose of gorgeousness! Can't wait until we are in our own house again to start digging.

  10. What a lovely garden. I wish I was there. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Jody your garden is heaven! So pretty. I am so jealous you get to have this right now. I cannot wait for Spring and Summer to come to us in the midwest. Happy Saturday.

  12. your garden looks amazing, can't believe that it is winter. You must have warm winters!!

  13. Your garden is amazing. All the greenery, cabbages and Forget Me Note. We haven't had sun in forever


  14. I spotted shoots of Erlicheer daffodils sprouting in the front yard today. They will be in bloom in about a month, but it will be March before we have blooming bedding plants. Loved seeing all your plants.


  15. I am such a sucker for ornamental cabbages. They look terrific there. I just saw a post where someone said seven weeks till spring. Here in Michigan we could use a little of that green and color you are sharing! It's pretty nippy, though the sun is out for a change of pace. Seeing your post reminds me -- it will happen!

  16. It's hard for me to comprehend flowers blooming this time of year. I need to realize not everybody lives in a 4 season place like me.
    I like Spanish moss and always love going south and seeing it growing in the large trees.
    We are having a nice 41 degree day and have had a mild winter, I'm very much looking forward to blooming flowers again

  17. Loving your garden photos from my January living room here in bleak New England. The only thing my garden is growing right now is snow and ice!
    Warmly, Gloria

  18. Wow, your garden is so beautiful, I love all the ornamentation with decorative objects,
    I forget that there are southern states without ice and snow this time of year, LOL !!!
    Best to you, Celeste

  19. Your arch is so charming, Jody. There is one just like it at a shopping center in my town. The forget-me-nots are such a sweet flower. It was nice to see them in your garden. And your miniature gardens are so cute. I am wondering if your fairy garden is surviving the winter?

    love, ~Sheri


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