Wednesday, February 27, 2013

~Specialty Produce Tour~

Stan and I kept hearing about a wonderful produce place from our friends
 that sold wholesale to the restaurants but,
 that was open to the public.
They are located in downtown San Diego and will take special orders over the phone.
They have a selection of edible flowers that is amazing.

Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Assorted Mushrooms and Tomatoes 
You have a choice of organic and all fresh from local growers.

Of course, dairy too!
Everything is very clean and the staff are very helpful.
A special thank you to Monica, Rachel and Stephanie
 for teaching us about organic produce. 
They always have a special vegetable featured. We bought lots of wonderful vegetables,
I loved the butternut squash, so sweet and the mixed heirloom tomatoes were so delicious.
We're planning on coming back soon. Hope you can check out their site. 
It was a educational tour.


  1. What a wonderful place...LOVE the photos. Can't believe how clean those mushrooms look - even the ones that claim they're cleaned at my grocery store are FULL of nasty dirt. Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  2. Jody, how wonderful! Wish I was close, everything looked so good and grown in the USA. I like that! Enjoy cooking and eating it all!

  3. Oh wow... how cool is that! I bet those carrots would be delish too. I've never seen the edible flowers packaged for fancy restaurants... a great 'behind the scenes' post! :)

  4. What a great find! I never knew that some orchids could be eaten. I knew about nasturtiums because I have tried them, you learn something new every day! It looks as though I may have to 'up sticks' and live in the USA!! Chel

  5. I really like seeing all those fresh vegetables, especially the potatoes, I love poytatoes, mashed or baked

    I have never eaten any flowers

  6. This is awesome Jody! There are SO many choices. I didn't know that orchids were edible until I saw this.
    I see you are already in the garden...I think I just may be a wee bit jealous :)
    sending hugs...


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