Wednesday, June 5, 2013

~A Little Zest In Your Life~

I saw this citrus salt recipe in the Sunset magazine and thought it would be delicious.
They also suggested trying it with mandarin oranges, kumquat or blood oranges. 
I'm sure it will taste good on cooked fish or salads 
with a drizzle of olive oil.
Mix together:
3 tablespoons of lime or lemon zest.
Mix it with 1 cup flake salt (Maldon) or coarse salt.
Spread on a baking tray and air-dry for 8 hours to overnight until completely dry.
 It will last 2 months in a airtight container.
I thought it needed a tag so I used a cork,
and different color inks.
It looks so pretty in the jars and I love how easy this recipe was!
We had some homemade lasagna Stan made that night.
Of course a little dessert to share!


  1. I saw this recipe in Sunset too! I'm glad to see someone try it "in real life," it looks like it worked well.

  2. Hi Jody,
    Those would be great gifts too. I will have to try making them. And, what a nice touch (and brilliant idea) on the tags. I am your new follower.

  3. Jody,
    What a tasty recipe and all bundled up so darling-I like how you wrote in the Salt-very nice pictures.

  4. Oh my goodness is this just awesome!!! I love to cook and I can only imagine how fresh this tastes! And the way you packaged it is adorable!!!

  5. Wonderful idea. Love your photos. I think this is a great hostess gift for those that like to cook (or make margaritas). xo

  6. Oh beautiful. I can see so many uses for this and the way you wrote in in the salt. So fun.

  7. How wonderful! Every bit of this post is wonderful! So inspiring! The tags are the ZEST!
    Thank you, Jody!

  8. So fresh and summer-y! I can smell the citrus from the photos! :o)

  9. Wow, that looks beautiful and so easy, can't wait to try! I'm a new follower,

  10. Hi
    I'm co hosting Katherine's Corner Hop this week and came by to say Hello. I love these, they look great and easy too I'm also your newest follower. Hope you will visit my blog and hopefully follow me also.
    Angel @

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