Monday, April 28, 2014

~Thinking Of My Mother~

We worked in the garden this weekend and 
I couldn't pass up picking these beautiful roses from the garden.
I love how they look on this vintage tablecloth my mother gave me.
Thinking of my mother,
she loved roses.


  1. Beautiful urn with gorgeous roses-what's not to love!

  2. Love your urn and roses. Nothing like memories of mama! Nothing like the love of a mother for sure! Bless you!

  3. Your roses are lovely and it's a nice way to remember your mother by watching such flowers.

  4. Beautiful are the roses and beautiful are the memories you must have of your sweet mother. This Wednesday will mark the four year anniversary of my mom going home to be with Jesus...she was almost 98! I was so blessed to have her so long! May God bless you as you think of her today...and always!

  5. Those are all from your gardens?
    Surely she is your Garden Angel..

    Me too I think of mine..all the time.

  6. Oh- Those are GORGEOUS, Jody. Do you know what the name of that rose is? it is just gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  7. Oh how beautiful! I just cut a rose from my flower bed for the first time this year. :)

    Your mom would love what you've created!!

  8. So very pretty! Do you remember the names of all your roses? I only have about a dozen, but I still forget the names. Must be my old age:)

  9. Oh Jody, your roses are stunning and on that beautiful table cloth - oh so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a great week. Looks like we are in for a HOT week.

  10. Preciosas rosas.
    Me ha encantado visitar tu bloc. Despues de las vacaciones de Semana Santa y la fiesta de Sant Jordi, continuaremos con las limpiezas ecológicas primaverales y esta semana le toca a la cocina espero que os guste y os sea de utilidad y por eso te invito a visitar mi blog. Si te ha gustado espero que si no eres seguidora te hagas ahora.

  11. Lovely post and I love the pink roses in the concrete urn against your mothers gorgeous tablecloth. Just precious. This reminded me of my mother too. She also loved pink roses and would always have a beautiful cloth on the table like this.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a blessed day!

  12. Hugs Jody...I surely understand your sentiment here...
    Beautiful pictures..
    Love, Mona


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