Tuesday, April 1, 2014

~Rainy Day- April 1st- in San Diego~

We finally are getting some rain today.
We certainly need it,
 it's been very dry here.
I love it when it rains, the flowers seem to grow overnight.
Beautiful flowers our relatives brought us while they were visiting,
 so pretty!
Our nephew, Christopher, was celebrating his 16th birthday.
So I make him a cheesecake.
I had some Girl Scout Cookies left over, that I put in the freezer.
So I chopped up some Thin Mints on top,
we all loved it.
His sister, Katlynn, waiting patiently 
for Chris to blow out the candles.
I made some Polenta slices sautéed in Olive Oil with 
grated Parmigiana Reggiano on top for an appetizer.
I wanted to make some asparagus soup.
Added some fresh herbs to it.
Delicious with a fresh loaf of bread.
I wanted to share with you an update on all our hummers.
I spotted a new nest in our Bougainvillea.
The mom looked so pretty on her nest she made.
She had two babies.
Soon, they will be ready to leave their nest.
This is the other nest in the chandelier. The mother had two babies.
They're getting bigger everyday.
I love watching them from the kitchen.
I hate to see them leave.
It's been fun seeing the mother come back and forth to feed them.
I know today would be a good day to start to decorate for Easter
while it's raining outside.
The boxes are out in the living room.
Now, it's just where do I put everything this year.
Carly is coming home on Saturday for a week.
Planning on having lots of fun while she's here.
Can't wait to see all your pretty decorations this week at
 Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  1. Your precious baby hummers in the chandelier bring an added meaning to the song "You Light Up My Life". Sunny and blue here...glad the rain moved your way! Your party food looked so tasty!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers, I too love what the rain brings...we had rain last night.. I guess it has moved your way now. Your soup sure looked good!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. The birds are so cute. I just made the same soup yesterday.

  4. Yum the cheesecake looks so good. How nice for your relatives to bring you such pretty flowers. Yes, it seems like the flowers grown over night. Everyday I am inspecting all my flowers to see what happened over night. I just love the little hummers. I am pretty sure I have a couple nests in the Magnolia tree as they are back and forth from the feeder to the tree.
    I noticed that I am filling up the feeders more often and there are more hummers coming. I could just sit for hours and watch them.
    Well it's sure turned a little chilly and there is a bigger rain coming this evening. I wish it would rain during the day so I could see it. Have a terrific day. Did you feel the earth quake in San Diego? Sure keeping us on edge here in Fullerton.

  5. What a Beautiful Post! I love that first picture. It is magazine worthy! Glad you are having rain. It will be nice if we ever get warm enough to have rain again- we are still getting snow here. Pretty sad! Happy April 1st to you! xo Diana

  6. The food looks delicious and the garden and birds are beautiful!

  7. The food looks so yummy! I love cheesecake:) Your hummingbird pictures are wonderful. We have hummers in our yard every year and sometimes see a broken egg, but I've never seen a nest. Maybe this year?

  8. Love this post - a little bit of everything and a whole lotta awesome.

    Hope Christopher has a wonderful year. He is a very handsome young man.

    Your hummingbird pics are incredible - WOW!

    Such a treat to visit your blog.

  9. Wow, this post is just chock full of beauty! But the hummingbird photos? Spectacular!

  10. Jody,
    What great pictures. Everything is so beautiful. Love the pictures of the baby hummingbirds. How adorable.

  11. Beautiful pictures. You are so lucky that can follow those cute hummingbirds from your window.

    Hugs from here

  12. Thanks for the update on the hummingbird families. It must be so fun watching them grow!

  13. These are gorgeous pictures Jody. I do t he same thing with the polenta, it is so good isn't it!!! The cheesecake looks so good too.



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