Monday, April 29, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our garden is growing so fast now.
The weather in San Diego is just perfect for our vegetables in the raised beds.
I took these photos about 2 months ago,
to show you the difference today.

Justin, Carly's boyfriend, took these updated photos.
The lettuce is as big as it can get.
We have swiss chard and radishes growing next to the lettuce.
Our structures in the raised beds show us how tall the vegetables are getting.

The carrots are just starting to get bigger.
I love getting different lettuces.

The colors are so pretty.
Stan added copper finials on the corners.
How does your garden grow?


  1. Oh my goodness they are picture picture so perfect!!
    Everything..a thing of beauty..Lucky duck!

    I have bugs that eat everything and a very short growing season..Love your raised beds.

  2. Your garden is breathtaking, so beautiful, those cabbages, wow! xo

  3. My garden grows.... not. Not yet, anyway. Love your lettuce... so pretty. I'm green with spring envy!! :D

  4. just wonderful, love all your gardens and the raised beds seem the way to go!

  5. Oh my, what a fantastic garden you have.
    I don`t know if I shall laugh or cry, my friend. I can`t see nothing yet, still some snow here and there.
    Hugs from me

  6. Not nearly as well as yours. I'm so jealous. Wish I had someone to build me raised beds so I could get to them better. Then there wouldn't be so much grass I have to have mowed. The colors of the lettuce are so pretty.

  7. That looks wonderful already with you in the garden! We are probably some time behind you! My carrots and radishes are hardly recognizable only :)) Beautifully does your garden! Best wishes and all the love, Carmen

  8. I am so jealous..your garden is absolutely wonderful.....beautiful..
    Love, Mona

  9. What a great garden I wish I could transport it to my yard.
    Mines suppose to get a update but like last year my boyfriend is dragging his feet.

  10. Your garden is just beautiful and everything looks so fresh and good. Thanks for sharing this with us.


  11. Mine is getting there - we have asparagus up about 2" and I'm planting spinach and lettuce today. Nothing like your Southern garden, but it's coming.

    Love the different lettuce colours in your raised beds.

  12. My lettuce are so tiny compared to yours. But to be fair, spring is hardly beginning here, it's very late this year. My strawberries just had their first blooms this week!

  13. Wow, talk about intensive gardening; you've used your available space well and even made it pretty! I'll be planting my seeds next week but only have a small area for veggies and plan to use more pots this year.


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