Sunday, May 15, 2016

~Estate Sale Finds, Flowers, Minestrone Soup & Crostata~

I stopped by an estate sale this weekend and wanted to share with you some finds I bought.
I found lots of old sheet music.
I grew up in a house with these songs.

This one is from France and had to get it!

I loved the illustration of this one!

I loved this find!!

I think we had this one in our house when I was little.
Beautiful bouquet from Stan!
I love peonies and had to buy these beauties!!

I decided to make some fresh minestrone soup
with the swiss chard and yellow squash growing in our garden.

 for the cooler weather in San Diego now.
For dessert a fruit crostata.

A great ending to a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wonderful post, Jody! I am an ardent music fanatic, I adore the sheet music, especially South Pacific and the Debussy! Great finds! The soup looks wonderful, too! There's nothing like making something with elements fresh from your own garden! :)

  2. I love everything..especially the must have flipped:) That fun feeling when you find something that means something to you:)
    Beautiful wine;)

  3. Love all of that old sheet music. great finds. Your soup looks amazing.


  4. What wonderful treasures you found - love all the old music. It brought back many memories from my childhood. Your dinner looks so good.

    Have a great week and such pretty flowers from Stan.


  5. Love all that sheet music! Your dinner looks so yummy. it's really cold here in Indiana - that soups sounds perfect!

  6. What a great find of music at the estate sale. You know, I have the exact same South Pacific music, same blue cover and all :) Your pink flowers are gorgeous, and I'd love to try your fruit crostata!

  7. Those music sheets are just adorable, Such a lovely find!
    Peonies are the prettiest flower, together with tulips ... I would live to have them all year around :)
    And your pie ... Oh boy ~ my mouth is watering!
    Enjoy the delights of the season!

  8. Jody, the old sheet music you found is delightful. The peonies you bought are gorgeous. I was thinking about planting some in my back yard. They look like sturdy flowers and so pretty. The fruit crostata looks scrumptious. San Diego is lovely at this time of year. My nephew, who just passed away, recently moved there with his wife, and they both loved it. I have visited a couple times when I lived in So Cal, and it was always a wonderful time.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. How fun to find something that reminds you of good ole days at home .
    I really like the calligraphy
    also your peonies are beautiful

  10. Loved your finds and the food made me hungry, it looked so good!

    xo Dianne


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