Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~Potager Garden~

I've been wanting to paint signs for our garden and finally started this weekend.
Found this old sign for $1.50 at a thrift store.
Got my dark blue paint out and just did one coat.
Starting painting with some white paint.
I wasn't sure how it would turn out.
I liked the white but I wanted that English Cottage look to it.
So I finished up with a gold paint.
Potager means a French style 
ornamental kitchen garden.
A potager is similar to the traditional English cottage garden but mainly based on vegetables and other edible plants and herbs.
It is usually a separate area from the rest 
of the residential garden.
Our garden has grown so much this year. 
The heat in San Diego is just right for the flowers and vegetables.
Hope you liked the project.
Love the Purple Canterbury Bells.
I need a Pumpkin Patch sign for our new area.
Always something new in the garden,
 yellow columbine, peach alstroemeri 
and roses everywhere.
~Happy Gardening~


  1. I think the combination of flowers and vegetables is so beautiful!

  2. Jody,
    Love the new sign, looks perfect for your Potager. Edy & Paul really enjoyed your garden. Thanks for letting me bring them over ! See you soon.
    Love you
    Ciao, Mary

  3. Perfect sign for your garden. Looks like you have real success with all your vegies and fruits. All the garden paths are beautiful too.

  4. Gulp.

    Um, you have the most exquisite garden EVER. Potager or otherwise, it is stunning.

    WOW!! I am so impressed, and happily and sincerely jealous as heck.

    Of course, there's your San Diego weather to be jealous of too, haha.

    My youngest daughter just moved back to Ohio here after living in SD for 7 years. She cries a lot when she thinks about it, but as much as she wanted to stay she just couldn't afford the cost of living there, alone, on her salary. She tried. She misses her garden more than anything.

    Love yours, it is amazing.

  5. Jody, I could get quite happily lost out there! That is unbelievably gorgeous! You are an inspiration. More, more, more. I would love to see more! And you chose such a great font for the sign. It really is a great addition to have a little handmade sign. I love it all!

  6. Dear Jody, love your pergola...and the potager garden, something I wish I had here...perhaps in another gardening life! N.xo

  7. Love your gardens, Jody. the potager garden is wonderful. I'd love to have a raised garden bed, but our yard is on a little hill so not much of a flat surface to work with. I really envy your SoCal weather!

  8. Jody, I love your garden. You have so many flowers, love,love,love them!


  9. Love, love, love your gardens, and your sign is perfect.
    What a charming touch to the garden bed.

    We are so far behind you in the growing season, and it was wonderful to see all your plants growing and lush.... thanks for sharing!!

    Smiles :)

  10. Wow! Your garden looks awesome and I love the raised potager garden and the cute sign.

  11. I love all of the different views of your garden... almost like I'm walking through myself! If you don't get to the pumpkin patch sign for a bit I'll know I'm there when I see Linus waiting... :)

  12. Oh, my goodness!! What a lovely, lovely garden!! I'm so glad I stopped by--all because you stopped by and commented on my Memorial Day post, so thanks for that, and for getting me here! Didn't know about Potager gardens...good to learn something new. ~Zuni

  13. Your garden is wonderful! I love your Potager sign, looks great in your raised bed!

  14. wow - your landscape is filled to the brim with gorgeous and happy flowers and veggies.....truly amazed by all the work you have put into your gardens....it's absolutly gorgeous! thank you so much for sharing your post over here at Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party! i'm going back again to scroll slower through the photo's, but thought i should leave a note now before i get lost! ha xoox, tracie

  15. WOWZA!!!!

    What a stunningly spectacular garden!!

    Beautiful!! I am so envious!!

    Love the sign!!


  16. I really like your new sign, but love your garden!! I've been to San Diego a few years ago and truly loved it. A wonderful place to live. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Ha~ I was calling our kitchen garden a Potager Garden...and got tired of explaining it to people. Now I just call it --The Garden. :)
    But the signs are cute aren't they? I see them all around hand painted--and get lots of ideas. Yours turned out great.

    I like the touch of gold paint-- looks fancy!

    via- FJI SNS 136

  18. Your garden is spectacular! I'm pretty jealous!

    Thanks for sharing with us on SOS!

  19. I love that! I kind of have an "Herb Potager" thing going in a pot! As your neighbor here in AZ, nothing too delicate is doing much (other than dying...lol!), but some of the heartier veggies are still producing quite well.

  20. Your gardens are breathtakingly beautiful! I could spend all day there just enjoying the sights!Thank you for sharing this with me:) Deidre~ Http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  21. Your sign looks great.. I have been wanting to do acouple too but haven't got round to it yet! I just LOVE yourgarden.. soo beautiful!! take care,maryann


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