Saturday, September 4, 2021

Greenhouse Patio Project

I wanted to share with you our open patio greenhouse.
In the beginning of this year my 
husband, Stan finished working on the project.
He planned the design and had help from our
son, Scott and our daughter's fiancé, Justin.

The panels are polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

It's amazing how it all came together.
We absolutely love it! 
It has created a new space for our family and our plants!
Entertaining and creating beautiful table settings is so much fun.
I love being creative and using our flowers
 and foliage from the garden!
Garden to Table
Using the space for displaying fresh flowers
 from our garden is so rewarding!
When we take photos from a distant, you can 
appreciate all our tender loving care
 we have put into our garden.
Growing larkspur by seed turned out to 
be a very good year. I decided to dry a lot
 of the blooms to decorate inside our home.
 I grew our sweet peas by seed this year.
They were the tallest I've ever grown,
all in different colors!
I loved making lots of arrangements with them!
The roses this year were so beautiful too.

Gardening is our love and passion.
Happy Gardening!

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