Thursday, September 21, 2017

~Fall In Our Garden~

Happy Fall!!
Walking through our garden I saw the change of the seasons.
There's nothing like the leaves falling and the chill in the air.
I wanted to share photos of our garden this Fall.
Stan planted lots of pumpkins, squashes and vegetables for our Autumn harvest.

Acorn squashes too!!
A little pumpkin wrapped it's way around an 
antique galvanized watering can.

I love squash blossoms.
They're so good when stuffed with ricotta cheese.

This is one area, 
where we grew the butternut squashes!

The pumpkins came out everywhere to say hello!!
There's nothing like fresh butternut squash from the garden!

A surprise pumpkin growing next to a stepping stone.

Pretty butternut squashes!
Happy Fall From Our Garden To Yours!!

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