Thursday, February 27, 2014

~ French Inspiration and Simple & Sweet Fridays #104~

When Stan and I traveled to Northern California,
I spotted this beautiful French material.
I knew I better buy some because 
I've never seen that pattern in San Diego.
When you see something you love,
you just have to give in.
Roses and French Material,
what can I say.
The two go hand and hand.
I fell in love with this material and got four yards of it.
I think I'll use it on the dining room table,
 maybe make pillows, or just have it out to admire it.
Anyway, I love it and the pink roses! 
Another thing I love,
 is our 
Wisteria in the garden.
We have one growing on our hill.
This time of year,
It's so pretty with the purple blossoms in bloom.
Another one is growing near our house.
Even Maggie loves it!!
When I look out our French doors,
 I see the beautiful view of the blossoms 
growing on our patio cover. 
I'm not sure if the storm coming in 
 will damage the flowers.
So, I wanted to share with you the photos I took.
The smell from the Wisteria is Heaven!
Another little surprise for you.
If you look very closely at the chandelier you can 
see we have a new mama hummingbird nesting in it.
They say never to remove the old nests, 
the hummingbirds seem to come back. 
We have another old nest up there too.
Maybe we'll be lucky and have another mama come surprise us.

Can't wait for the baby!!
Hope you all had a fun week outside discovering new things too!

Let's see the inspiring projects you came up with this week!!

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Rooted In Thyme

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~Photos in the Garden Before the Storm~

We heard this week will be getting a big storm in San Diego.
It's supposed to last 4 days which for us, is well needed rain.
I went outside to check out all 
the beautiful flowers in bloom in the garden. 
I wanted to share with you some photos.
This pretty blue star flower is a ground cover.
It's called
Ipheion Uniflorum-Wisley Blue.
I love how it pops up everywhere.
Some cabbages that need to be planted in the ground.

I can never have enough strawberry plants.

This purple flower is growing near our potting area.
It's called 
Petrea Volubilis.
It's commonly called Sandpaper Vine or Queen's Wreath.
~A Dwarf Magnolia~
 ~Apple Espalier~

So many shades of pink on the apple buds.
Stan planted Freesia bulbs everywhere.

The garden smells so good!
I have to pick some sweet peas today.
Our first peony is just starting to flower.
Can't wait!
So many flowers starting to bloom everyday. 
I love this time of year.
I decided to come inside and start dinner.
I couldn't resist these beautiful cauliflower at Sprouts yesterday.
I was watching the Food Network and 
Ina Garten was making:
Make-Ahead Cauliflower Gratin.
It sounded perfect.
If your having a dinner party you can make it in advance.
We ended up grilling chicken breast too!
The meal was delicious.
I also made a new bread recipe from Martha Stewart.
~Olive and Cheese Loaf~
It is a wonderful bread full of flavor.
It's always fun trying new recipes.

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