Thursday, February 27, 2014

~ French Inspiration and Simple & Sweet Fridays #104~

When Stan and I traveled to Northern California,
I spotted this beautiful French material.
I knew I better buy some because 
I've never seen that pattern in San Diego.
When you see something you love,
you just have to give in.
Roses and French Material,
what can I say.
The two go hand and hand.
I fell in love with this material and got four yards of it.
I think I'll use it on the dining room table,
 maybe make pillows, or just have it out to admire it.
Anyway, I love it and the pink roses! 
Another thing I love,
 is our 
Wisteria in the garden.
We have one growing on our hill.
This time of year,
It's so pretty with the purple blossoms in bloom.
Another one is growing near our house.
Even Maggie loves it!!
When I look out our French doors,
 I see the beautiful view of the blossoms 
growing on our patio cover. 
I'm not sure if the storm coming in 
 will damage the flowers.
So, I wanted to share with you the photos I took.
The smell from the Wisteria is Heaven!
Another little surprise for you.
If you look very closely at the chandelier you can 
see we have a new mama hummingbird nesting in it.
They say never to remove the old nests, 
the hummingbirds seem to come back. 
We have another old nest up there too.
Maybe we'll be lucky and have another mama come surprise us.

Can't wait for the baby!!
Hope you all had a fun week outside discovering new things too!

Let's see the inspiring projects you came up with this week!!

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  1. Hi Jody & Stan, thank you so much for featuring my French tablescape this week! I love your new fabric, I haven't seen any like it....very pretty. Hugs, Penny

  2. Hy Jody and Stan! Love your party and love your patio with the blossomed wisteria. Hugs, Cristina

  3. Hi Jody and Stan,

    How whimsically beautiful your garden is, from the blooming and fragrant wisteria to the mama hummingbird in her chandelier nest, it's just unbelievably story book sweet!!

    Thanks for hosting and have a lovely weekend. Hope you get the rain you need, and that the storm doesn't 'hurt' your flowers!


  4. Jody and Stan,
    Good Morning-joined in this morning for the party-shared a little something simple.
    You have such a glorious and gorgeous backyard-so dreaming - the Wisteria and chandy are priceless!
    Have a lovely day-

  5. Thanks for featuring my garden dreams and plans! Those of us with snow still on the ground and more coming appreciate your beautiful garden :-)

  6. Morning Jody and Stan,
    Love that fabric it is so neat, and with the roses simply any roses, but the color of the roses are wonderful. All your pictures are just beautiful and oh, I love wisteria too, and it does smell like heaven.........
    What a wonderful scene out your back door, and then the lil hummingbird fun..........
    sure hope the storms don't destroy your beautiful wisteria.

  7. I love the nest in the chandie! What a stunning view you have-thanks for sharing

  8. oh I just can't stand it.....that yard! with all those furnishings, chandeliers with hummingbird nest?!?!?!?! there is NOTHING more enchanting than that! How can you stand yourself ! you must be giggling all over the place! :D
    Of course I love the fabric and rose and silver teapot, but your garden is a piece of heaven on Earth! think if there is anything that can help me to teleport myself it would be your garden, and you! too....all the things you do, I'd never stop asking you questions or following you around lolol.....I'm starting to think maybe Martha should NOT know about you, better to keep you safe! I linked up, thanks for hosting. I hope when I grow up I will be like you. My favorite blog, you still are!! hugs, lady.

  9. Those pink roses are absolutely gorgeous, as is the material. Thank you so much for featuring my bistro set this week, Jody. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Such beautiful photographs! And I agree, the roses and pattern work beautifully together. Have a great weekend!

  11. It's my first time to link up, thank you for hosting, great party!!
    You have such beautiful roses, and lucky you,have a patio covered with wisteria,that is one thing I'd love to have someday!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Such.beautiful French inspired fabric! Your wisteria id gorgeous. Ours is a ways from blooming: )

  13. I'm just enthralled with your patio. I want to live there! Thank you so much for featuring my spring birds. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  15. Hi Jody, thanks so much for a nice party and I love the hummingbird and nest and the backyard is so pretty and ready for spring! Have a nice weekend.

  16. Jody, I especially love this weeks features! I love, love Wisteria! Left a tree and a climber behind at my previous home. Luckily my son bought it and enjoys it now. I still get to go see and smell it's lovely scent. Hoping to find a place for one here soon. Your garden is gorgeous and I love that French fabric! So wonderful to have a little hummer to watch. She knew a sparkly chandy was dandy!

  17. Oh my, what a post. It`s so much beauty that I don`t know where to start. I LOVE that fabric and the roses are gorgeous. Your patio is to die for. It is so beautiful. How exiting with the nest, Jody. Can`t wait to see what happens there.


  18. Jody - love all the features this week and I really like your post too. Those hummers, I just love them - they are my favorite bird. I have quite a few around my house. You have a beautiful back yard with all your pretty flowers.
    Wasn't the rain wonderful last night, everything looked so fresh this morning. Waiting on the second one to arrive. Hopefully you had no damage. I guess we are in for a wet rain weekend. Brin it on - we need it so much.

  19. Jody that little hummingbird is adorable! What a fun thing to watch in the spring!

  20. What a gorgeous patio dear friends, so whimsical is right, wish I could just linger there with a cuppa tea listening to the birdies singing and the beautiful flowers in the spring! Thank you so much for hosting another great party!

  21. Thank you for hosting, and for sharing your beautiful backyard with us! I can't imagine the thrill of having not one, but TWO hummingbird nests at your place in a lifetime! I'm going to look around your blog to see if you've done a post on the wiring for the chandelier to be outside, and the dresser you have out there. Great additions! ~Zuni

  22. Love the material and all things French. Thank you so much for hosting.

  23. Finally, you're going to get some much needed rain...I hope there's no storm damage from it. The humming birds surely favor your garden to build a nest so close in. Your chandelier is beautiful and most precious. Seeing your Wisteria makes me long for mine to bloom...

  24. Wow, that hummingbird nest in the chandelier is really special! You don't see that every day!
    Your wisteria is gorgeous!

  25. I love the look of roses in silver! Your wisteria is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to read news of Mama Hummingbird, who has obvioulsy very good taste: her nest is on the best looking chandelier!

  26. The fabric is gorgeous and so are the roses. I wish it was just as warm here. I think it's only going to be in the 20's here.

  27. The hummingbird nest in your chandelier is awesome. That is pretty fabric. I love going to new fabric stores. Kathy

  28. A chandelier, wysteria and a humming bird - things can't get better than that xx

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Welcome Jody!!!
      A reader from overseas - I`m really happy that you found me! Thanks for the compliment and I can return this only.
      Your pictures are so beautiful, your house and garden - a dream!
      Now I'm going to explore everything in more detail. . .
      Greetings from Bavaria,

  30. I love your backyard. There is inspiration everywhere you look. So many ideas I just may steal, er borrow!


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