Wednesday, November 5, 2014

~Our Outdoor Pergola and Simple & Sweet Fridays #140~

Stan and the kids finally finished our outdoor pergola!
It's such a beautiful place to sit and relax next to our pool.
We had a giant Ficus tree taken out last year and we were trying to figure out 
what to put in its place.
The tree gave us a lot of shade so, 
we knew we needed some sort of structure. 
Stan ordered a pallet of bricks and Carly and Justin helped us move it out in the backyard.
It was a very hot summer in San Diego this year.
Stan only had the weekends to work on it.
I love having the brick as the base.
We found this beautiful pergola at Costco,
the floor plan was a perfect fit for the area.
Having the kids help us was a blessing.

Now we have a new sitting area to relax and enjoy our backyard.
We bought the outdoor furniture at Ikea.
That store has just about everything you need to design your home.
With the weather here in San Diego at 84 today,
we'll have plenty of Fall nights to enjoy outside!!

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Rooted In Thyme


  1. Thank you for the feature.
    It is a honour.
    Lots of blessings from South Africa

  2. What a great space! It really looks wonderful and I'm sure will get a lot of use, especially with your weather in SoCal. We are getting rain/sleet here this week:(

  3. What a gorgeous pergola! I'm going to use the corner supports idea when I build mine - thanks for the inspiration! & the party too!


  4. Your pergola looks perfect in that space and think of the wonderful memories you created with family members putting it together. So beautiful and enjoy!!!

  5. Love your new pergola! I bet you will spend lots of hours there. Thanks for the party!

  6. Your pergola looks great! Thanks for featuring my chandys....hugs, Penny

  7. I love your pergola! It is so inviting in the evening with all those sparkling lights. I really like the brick floor that you in corporated as well. Great job!

  8. OMGoodness, Jody!
    Your pergola is spectacular!
    What a beautiful setting!
    I don't believe that I have every viewed this area of your yard before.
    I am quite envious of your amazing weather. The rain and blustery days have begun up here!
    Thank you for popping in to visit. I am always touched and honored, as you have such a large following of lovely blog friends.

  9. What a stunner of a pergola-I want one too! Thanks for the feature of my rusty find!

  10. Amazing pergola! It's so stunning at night reflecting from the pool! Great job
    Thank you for hosting! Have a great week... especially enjoying your new outdoor space :)


  11. What a fabulous pergola! Thanks so much for hosting the party.

  12. Really! unbelievable ! how utterly gorgeous and perfect! ugh.....I'm going to visit you one day!

  13. Wowwww
    Thank you sooooo much for featuring my Pumpkin Chocolate-ship Biscotti

    Enjoy the coming weekend and thank you for another party!

  14. What a beautiful outdoor space you have done for yourselves. The pergola is so pretty


  15. Jody & Stan,
    Gorgeous pergola for day & evening pleasures, dear friends!!!
    Great to see families working together. . .memories in the making!
    Thank you for hosting Simple & Sweet Fridays each week!

  16. What an incredible outdoor space! I love the white twinkly lights!

  17. What a beautiful pergola, and it's furnished so stylishly; love the fairy lights!


  18. Hey, that's me! Thanks so very much for featuring my centerpiece!
    And that pergola is heaven! So jealous!

  19. Jody and Stan...this is so awesome. I would never think you could get plans for something like this. What a great job you did! Please tell me what you plan to grow on the pergola. I know we "ain't San Diego" here in the Midwest, but I have one at the lakehouse and I have wisteria slowly making it's way up!! It will surely strangle everything I grow. I would love your suggestions. It would have to survive the cold of course.

    A pool. Sigh. Need I say more?

    Joining in. Finally having some time to post and be a part of some parties! :)

    Jane xx

  20. I LOVE your pergola it's so pretty and I hope you enjoy it! I love Costco it's the best! Thanks for the party and have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Jody, what a beautiful outdoor space you've created. I love the pergola! Thanks for all the yummy and crafty features this week. Have a great weekend.

    Kim (WI)

  22. Thats the prettiest pergola I have ever seen. It will be magical sitting there at night.

  23. Your pergola is great! They did a terrific job on it. You can't beat Costco and Ikea, can you. That will be so great in the evening to sit and have a hot toddy or glass of wine.
    Thanks for hosting this great party. Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Your pergola is beautiful. I think you will make a lot of memories there. Thank you for the party.


  25. What a perfect place to enjoy sweet summer nights with family and friends. Even more beautiful when kit up.
    Thanks for hosting this fabulous party Jody. Hope you have a good weekend.

  26. Wow--your pergola is amazing! Thanks so much for featuring my Vintage sofa, Rosie and also for hosting! Blessings, Cecilia

  27. It is gorgeous Jody! You are going to have such a great time out there enjoying this jewel! I am so glad you shared this...I love how it looks and that you used the brick as the floor. Just perfect in every way!

  28. You have such a gorgeous outdoor space, Jody! Love your features this week too! Thank you so much for hosting!


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