Tuesday, March 28, 2017

~Peter Rabbit's Garden~

I wanted to share with you photos of our Peter Rabbit's Garden.
I decided to use our raised beds to display the garden in.
I used a chalkboard from Michael's craft store and
 I sewed the jacket.
I cut out a coat template out of blue felt and 
stitched it by hand. There are plenty of ideas on the internet.
I found the felt and buttons at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store.
A galvanized watering can.
I found these wooden shoes at a thrift store.
Peter Rabbit playing in the garden.

In the next raised bed is another bunny scene.
Three bunnies jumping in a row.
I planted carrots and marked them with jute and some corks.

A beautiful day in the Garden.
~Easter Goodies~
Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Your Peter Rabbit garden is so cute! I pinned it to give me some fresh ideas for next year's Easter decorating...hugs....

  2. How adorable, and you have so much going already. I love the little jacket, just like Peter to lose it and have it reused as a scarecrow...fun stuff here, Sandi

  3. Oh I love it! Everything is perfect, you really did a wonderful job on your cookies and Peter Rabbit's garden. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Have a wonderful sunny rest of the week. With all the rain we have the flowers are stunning vibrant in color.


  4. If this post isn't the cutest! Love everything! Have a happy week.

  5. Your garden made me smile. How clever of you to include the blue jacket and chalkboard sign. It is altogether delightful!

  6. Oh, I love your Peter Rabbit garden and your bunnies on pokes are so cute in the next one. I call my blog Cozythymecottage but we moved January 2nd into a house with just a courtyard so I don't have much thyme yet. Brought 3 or 4 pots of it and it looks like one may have made it through the winter and move. Nancy

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis certaine que le lapin de Pâques viendra rendre visite discrètement Peter le lapin !... Il est adorable ce petit coin de jardin et si raffiné ! Magnifique réalisation...
    Je suis sous le charme.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  8. Even my heart is smiling I am grinning so big (or bigly seems to be the 'new word'). lol You did a fantastic job. It is like stepping into fairy land here. xo diana

  9. Oh my goodness Bernideen!! This is so adorable! You did a wonderful job!! Your raised beds are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. Aww, what an adorable idea!! I love playing in my flower gardens and talking to them (hehe!)... this would be a fun way to spend the day playing with the flowers!

  11. Oh my goodness, I just love this! Your ideas never stop. :)

  12. It's adorable:)♥
    I think a wascally wabbit made away w/ my jacket last year:(

  13. I love love love your Peter Rabbit garden! I am going to do this!

  14. This is simply adorable, Jody. I love bunnies - have a big Peter Rabbit by my hosta garden -- but to do it by your veggies -- and with that cute scarecrow bunny coat is just beyond delightful!

  15. This is SO cute! I'm a huge Beatrix Potter fan... she would definitely approve!

  16. I just discovered your blog. Wow! so much fun.
    I've started reading your older posts. Beautiful!
    I am a collector of all things fairy garden.
    I am in Rancho Bernardo. Are you my neighbor.
    Please say yes.

  17. Adorable! I love the whimsical feeling of it. Pinning it...I might decide to do a Peter Rabbit garden instead of a Fairy garden this year! Your cookies look luscious!

  18. This is the sweetest garden.. Beatrix Potter is a favorite of mine. Have you seen the movie Miss Potter? I love your imagination and how creative you are. And your garden is beautiful! Yours is my dream garden. Have a wonderful weekend in your lovely garden.

    Tamara x

  19. Jody, I love it all. My favorite thing is the wee coat...how adorable. I wish I had your garden here. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  20. That is Adorable I love Beatrix Potter books and that reminds me of her books.
    Cutest garden around

  21. Oh this is the cutest thing ever!! I love that this is something that will bring color when color is not yet available! Great, great idea!

  22. This Peter Rabbit garden scene is ADORABLE.

  23. Jody,
    What a creative idea to plant a Peter Rabbit garden. Your blue coat is the icing on the cake. Happy April and Easter.


  24. I'm so amazed at your Peter Rabbit's garden, it's truly so charming and simply perfect for him ... and what to say about your Easter Goodies ... they look so tasty !

    Wishing you a most wonderful new week
    with heartfelt thankfulness

    XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)

  25. My friend Peggy at https://season-to-season.blogspot.com recommended this post on her blog. I'm really glad that I took the time to pop over. This post is darling! I love Peter Rabbit too!

  26. This is absolutely charming. Thank you for sharing all of the lovely details. I can hardly wait until it's time to get planting!

  27. Oh my goodness how precious. I had a Beatrix Potter tablescape planned.
    I love your garden. It is Fabulous! I have pinned. My grandson would love doing something similar.
    I would love for you to come and link at The Fabulous Spring/Easter Party.
    It's over here:

  28. The blue felt coat is so cute in the garden. Your garden looks wonderful, Jody. And how delightful are those cookies. So many great ideas - I can see why you call it Peter Rabbit's Garden. : ) It's charming in every way.


  29. Mr McGreggors garden is too long for that chalk board. so peter rabbits garden is better

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