Monday, March 10, 2014

~Springtime Ladder~

One of my projects this weekend was to paint a small ladder I found at a thrift store.
For only $5.00,
 I thought I could use it somewhere.
I decided to paint it with
Annie Sloan's 
Duck Egg Paint.
One coat of paint is all it needed.
I wanted it to look like it's been outside for awhile.
I can use it all summer long too!
I found the cutest chalkboard containers
 in Northern California.
One for Flowers.
I had some violas to put in it.
So in the container,
they went!
So pretty!
We always can use fresh herbs for cooking.
I love the way I can change,
 what's in the container by 
using the chalkboard.
You can get fancy and 
draw a little picture too.
Outside in the garden this weekend,
was in the 80's.
It was perfect to do crafts outdoors.
San Diego weather in March.


  1. I have a very similar ladder - once blue, but now red - that I just removed from the garden and brought into the house as a side table by a chair. I am really torn after seeing your sweet flower display. I love the color you chose and of course the sweet pansies.

  2. So pretty Jody, love the color you used! Happy Spring!

  3. I need to find other exclamations than ''I can't stand it!" LOL....but I can't stand it! ! I love it ! so adorable and that Duck Egg blue is my next color should I ever decide to paint anything ever again, after doing my room, then the living room, then the kitchen, then everything including the outside of the house, I am fixed with painting for this lifetime. I just put some flowers around my little bridge, I think you may find it adorable too.....I can try! :D:D:D

  4. Just simply breath taking for me.. I'm over oweing and aweing ... love that sweet ladder and the color is great.. and those to chalk board boxes lovin them to much.. Happy new week with love Janice

  5. I love those containers.OMGOODNESS perfect for all occasions and all sorts of things.

  6. Love the ladder and the boxes! I bought some paint at Menards yesterday - butter yellow and sage green - but I wish I had looked for Annie Sloan's paint. Can you buy it in hardware stores or do you have to order it? Anyway, I love that shade of blue.

  7. Love the color of that little ladder...OH, how sweet it is with the viola!!! The chalk board boxes are very neat! 80 degrees in March, I bet you're so enjoying the warm up...we rarely reach that in high summer.

  8. What a fun way to display violas and herbs! You have a great eye!

  9. Beautiful colour and lovely display! I adore the chalkboard planter too.

    Happy happy Springtime!!

  10. I love the ladder - I have one just like it sitting in the garage and I am going to dig it out and paint it. I love ladders in the garden - I have bird houses on two of them - so old and chippy. The ladder looks so good with your pretty violas in pots.
    The chalkboard planters are great and what a terrific idea.
    Yes the weather was great up in Orange County also - today is great too.
    Have a wonderful week playing in the garden.

  11. I am going to have to look for a fact, I think we have one downstairs!! The boxes are darling, too!

    You are so lucky to be starting on your garden! Have fun!


  12. How beautiful everything is!... I love love love your old ladder!... now I am going to hunt for one too... your pansies are so pretty!... xoxo Julie Marie

  13. What is it about old ladders that is so appealing? Every time I see one, I love it. Yours is especially nice with its new coat of paint and pots of violas. The little wooden chalk boxes are also great with the violas and herbs. I'm sure you have already placed them on the ladder steps to see how they look.


  14. New follower here. From Belgium.
    Found you through "Littel Woollie"

    I have been running trhough a lot of your mosts and must say that your pictures are breath-taking. I am in awe.
    Your violets are very beautiful and so is all the rest.

    I'll be visiting you a lot, that's for sure.


  15. I love your springtime ladder. It looks so beautiful with the pansies. The chalkboard container is wonderful too.

  16. I love ladders anywhere, any use....great find and cute, little totes, too!

  17. Your ladder is so pretty and the color is perfect! Your pansies are darling in the containers:)

  18. You've reminded me that I have a short ladder that needs to be painted. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks also for following me....I'm following back!

  19. Judy I love t his little ladder and you made it so pretty. Love the flowers, dying for some spring here in NJ. Send it this way we need warmth and sunshine!!!


  20. I want it all - it's so pretty ;O))))

  21. Thanks for joining my blog,


  22. What lovely bargain finds and they look so nice with the viola's too

  23. The blackboard is so appropriate. You can change the name for what you want to plant in them. Nice job on the step ladder is perfect especially for those flowers.
    JM Illinois

  24. Love, love, love your ladder and I'm so jealous of your weather! I'm giving you a shout out on FB today and I'll be featuring you next week at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party!

  25. Great ideas and you are so creative ~ beautiful photography ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  26. Love that shade of pale blue tyou choose! This ladder is full of grace!

  27. Beautiful Spring pics and ideas. I am looking for contributors at Bacon Time if you are interested. Have a great end of the week.

  28. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I LOVE your ladder . . . the colors and the pansies. Just beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a great weekend,

  29. Jody,
    I love the violas on your ladder, dear one!!!
    I have that same ladder!!!
    First it was natural, then I painted it Raspberry Pink,
    then orange. . .and now it's MidSummer Dream Green!!!
    I love the green (similar to your Annie Sloan Paint)!!!
    It's beginning to warm~up here on the Prairie, as well!!!

  30. I love that ladder - and those planters are amazing !
    The ground is still covered in snow here :(
    But I'm pinning these for some much anticipated gardening lol
    Thanks for sharing - visiting from Knick of Time

  31. I want one of those ladders! It is such a perfect touch. I really like the planters, too. I'd have bought them if I saw them! I am so envious of your warm weather! We're slowly thawing out!

  32. those chalkboard containers are so wonderful, and that ladder is amazing, love the color!!!


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