Monday, May 19, 2014

~Sweet Peas in the Garden~

Our sweet peas are almost gone now.
I always hate to say good-bye.
They smell so sweet.
 A small display with them outside.
Until next year!!
I bought some new plants for the garden.
Always room for color.

Planting this week.


  1. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was picking bouquets of sweet peas from my mother's garden.
    Your garden is beautiful, Jody!
    Have a great week!

  2. Yours are almost done and I am trying to get some started ! :) Western Pa here...a bit behind :)

  3. The sweet-peas are adorable. I love the colour of these. Your gardens will be bursting with colour soon and I can't wait to see it all. I love the way you displayed the sweet-peas in the little wooden holder. I have something similar and use it for little vases of flowers, too. I'll show you soon. We are still waiting on our lilacs to colour up. They are showing buds ready to burst open any day now. Did I ever tell you I LOVE your blog? :) I look forward to every post. Deb (Ontario, Canada)

  4. So pretty. I'm jealous when I see someone post sweet peas. They don't grow here.

  5. I love love Sweetpeas... I have two different colors growing this year.. Your photos are very pretty.. I love your new Cosmos the color is wonderful. Happy planting with love Janice

  6. They look so sweet tucked into that box!

  7. I do wish I had your green thumb. Your garden is always spectacular!

  8. It really is always too soon to say goodbye to a bloom - they never last long around here because of all our rain beating down on them. My yellow iris lasted not even a whole day. GRRRR.

    Your post pics are gorgeous, and you are so right - always good to add more and more color to a garden. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful pictures.

    Happy planting this week.

    Smiles :)


  10. Love the colors of cosmos in the garden. Oh sweet peas, the fragrance is amazing!
    We have tried growing them in our garden, but they just don't flourish like they do in
    the south. Time for me to head to the garden today.

  11. I don't think that hot spell helped our flowers. Your sweet peas are so pretty and smell wonderful. I have a flat of plants to put in pots, but I did to much cutting back today that they will have to wait until tomorrow - I'm pooped. Your garden always looks so terrific. Hope you weren't to close to the fires - I could smell it up here.

  12. I do love seeing those sweet peas.

  13. I love sweet peas, but I've not given them priority in our garden before. This year my husband made a fence for them and I'm hoping for a good display. Happy planting!

  14. Beautiful sweet peas sitting next to the bee skep....perfect. I see you are planting squash as well as flowers. Happy planting.


  15. My mother grew the most beautiful sweet peas. I've tried many times to get them started in my garden but I've never had much luck with them - I'm trying again this year.


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