Tuesday, November 22, 2016

~Christmas Wrapping and Thanksgiving Decorations~

I love the gift wrapping from Anthropologie. 
How cute are these two presents.
I'm definitely going to wrap Christmas gifts with this cute idea.
Love it!
I wrapped these gifts with black and white paper and seeded eucalyptus sprigs and rose hips.
Great idea for wrapping Christmas presents!
The seeded eucalyptus dries well without water.
The greenery adds a special touch.
I wanted to share with you,
 photos of our Thanksgiving decorations.

I found these vintage Gurley Candles at a thrift store.
They sold for 35 cents in the 1940's.
I'll share more of our Thanksgiving tablesetting on this week's
Simple & Sweet Party!


  1. Oh Jody, your home is lovely. I love the little fairy lights --I use a ton of those, year round, but especially in the winter. And those candles are adorable and remind me of my childhood. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful wrappings! Don't you think it's true that you can take such an inexpensive little gift but make it look like a million dollars? I'm going to use your ideas. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving Jody and Stan. :)

  3. I have those little light in an old shabby dish cabinet and it looks so good in the evening
    I am going to wrap a couple presents very simple and beautiful this week.
    You always have beautiful things to show

  4. Great ideas. I love the black and white and eculyptus! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. Lovely post, I'm giving myself a week, before I immerse in Christmas as long as Thanksgiving was early. Love your fairytale lights on the pumpkin....very pretty! Thanks for sharing, Sandi


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