Tuesday, February 21, 2017

~Hellebores & Our Garden Shed ~

I love hellebores. 
Stan and I went to La Costa Nursery in San Diego County 
and bought some new plants for our garden!
Hellebores are easy to grow and can live for decades. 
They're deer proof and drought tolerant!
This one is called,
~HGC Love Bug~

This hellebores has longer stems.
~Penny's Pink~
Can't wait to plant them!
I made some new wreaths for the garden shed.

I'm going to add fresh flowers
 from our garden soon to the wreaths!!
Our flower seeds from 
Floret Flower Farm
are getting bigger everyday!!
 Basil plants happily growing in a tomato can!
I made parmesan heart crisps to add to a salad!
We made fried rice with peas and mushrooms for dinner.
Ina Garten's recipe 
Iced Prosecco with fruit for dessert with
Ina Garten's
Ending to a wonderful day!!
We're leaving tomorrow for 
Seattle, Washington's
I'll be sharing on Instagram!


  1. Your plants are beautiful. I don't know why I never planted any of those.

    Have fun in Seattle at the Garden Show. Shed looks terrific with your new wreaths.


    1. Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by! I'll try and instagram photos of the show. I know you would love all the wonderful garden things they have there! By the way, your garden looks so good and I can't believe how many hummingbirds you have!! You have that special garden touch!!

  2. You have a vivid green thumb and ideal climate conditions and earth..The Garden Of Eden..
    The Potting Shed looks so good! Name her:)Mine's Rose Cottage:)

  3. Love your garden shed, Jody. The wreaths add so much.

  4. Your garden shed is so cute all dressed for spring! I've never planted hellebores but each year at this time, I question why I haven't. :)

    Those heart shaped parmesan crisps are so cute!

  5. Wonderful! Love those gorgeous flowers and your potting shed is just adorable! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Your selection of Hellebores is wonderful and your garden shed is adorable! I have Hellebore 'Shooting Star', which I planted two years ago. The blooms are very similar to your HGC Love Bug.

  7. I think Hellebores are so pretty but I've never tried to grow them. Not much of a green thumb here. But, I would love to make those crisps... they look so good.

  8. Ina's recipes never fail, do they? These all look quite fabulous. I'm such a sucker for parmesan cheese. And your flowers are simply dazzling!

    Happy travels!

  9. Hi Jody,
    I love your hellebores. I must give them a try. Can you tell me, do they need shade, or are they full sun. And I just love your shed!

  10. Beautiful flowers. Love your garden shed.
    Hugs from here

  11. Those Hellebros are gorgeous! I am so in love with the picture of the tomato cans with the basil! I will be recreating that this Spring when I can plant some fresh basil.

  12. Jody,
    My sister has some hellebores blooming, and we love them. Your new ones are stunning. Your new wreaths for your garden shed make it look SPRING-Y.


  13. i too adore hellebores. I have pale cream ones that fade to green. love love them

  14. Such a great post! Your floral photos are beautiful! Your shed looks so charming - I've been wanting one forever - (someday) I'm a big fan of Ina's recipes - how did you make the heart shaped parmesan crisps? I didn't see a link but may have missed it
    All the best
    have a lovely time at the Flower Show


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