Tuesday, August 4, 2020

~Summer Tablesetting~

Enjoying the Summer nights with sitting outdoors.
A centerpiece of pretty Crape Myrtle blossoms
 and antique candlesticks show off the farmtable!
I cut branches from our Crape Myrtle
 for the centerpiece! 
Pretty purple glasses, dishes from Home Goods and 
vintage silverware finish the table!
Hope you're all enjoying your Summer!


  1. I so envy that you have the climate to enjoy dining outdoors! You set a gorgeous table which is above and beyond a restaurant that so may people are missing. We need to take a cue from you and Stan...pretty dishes and beautiful flowers!

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thank you so much for this very sweet compliment! Since we are outside everyday I want the table to be inviting! Of course, candles help put us all in a good mood! Always love hearing from you!
      Hugs, Jody❤️

  2. You set such a beautiful table and I love those flowers. Sitting outside in the summer nighttime is so nice. I love those pretty candles too. Enjoy!

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