Monday, April 1, 2013

~A Wonderful Easter Brunch~

This year we had our friend Kim, her boyfriend David and
 her mother, Nancy over for Easter. 
My mother-in-law, Mary was there and her caregiver, Faye.
Kim brought potato salad,
deviled eggs,
and a Easter Lamb Cake.
Stan made homemade Easter bread.
I made fried zucchini for an appetizer.
Stan also made pork tenderloin with a rosemary raspberry sauce,
 polenta with mushrooms and asparagus.
I had to make name tags for our pretty table.
I got out my stamps and paints.

Some glitter on our cupcakes!
Mary modeled her Easter hat.
Nancy did too!
Then Kim got out her project she bought for the girls and they 
started making beautiful wreaths with
 ribbons, beads and butterflies and birds.
Kim helped her mom,
and Stan helped his mom with the project.
David helped too with taking photos.

Nancy was so cute modeling her wreath,
She was so proud of her finished masterpiece and
Mary held hers up to show everyone too.
A perfect picture!
A holiday memory we'll never forget.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!


  1. Glorious! Since I would be very happy to have been there! Greetings from the snowy Carinthia! Carmen

  2. What a delightful day you all must have had! Everyone looks like they're having a ball!
    and I'm smitten with your little lamb cake!

  3. I love this post:) It brought tears to my is so dear and caring and joyous..!Nancy and Mary and everyone:)

    PS...I made the same bread:) It looks identical.

  4. This is so sweet. Love that everyone had on their Easter Bonnets!!!! Looks like they all enjoyed the day.

  5. What a lovely Easter day! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time - your tags turned out great, as well as the wreaths!

  6. Looks like fun and sounds delicious!! Love that last picture of Mary!! :)

  7. Oh what fun!Your table looks beautiful and the food divine, but most of all, the smiles on everyones faces says it all, a very wonderful Easter for everyone for sure!

  8. Your table looks so pretty. Looks like you had a very fun day!


  9. I love to see elderly ladies in their Easter finery.
    It's really so sweet that everyone was so involved together.
    Your table looked wonderful and I'd love a loaf of your bread, Stan!
    Looks like a perfect holiday, Jody!

  10. What great memories! Life to the full, Melissa

  11. Oh my goodness what fun they must have had with the crafts! Everyone looks beautiful and happy and the food looks wonderful. My niece made Easter bread like that for dinner at my sisters! She'd posted a picture of it coming out of the oven on Facebook and it looks just like you and Stans! I want to try it next sister said it was wonderful

  12. Wonderful pictures. It looks like you had great food, great weather, and great company.

  13. What a merry family reunion, dear Jody and Stan! Everybody seems to have had a ball of a time! The Easter bread you made reminds me of the Germany traditional Easter bread. But maybe it has become "global heritage", heehee. Thank you for sharing these intimate and hearty look inside your family!
    Greets, Manu

  14. What an absolutely fantastic Easter Brunch! All of these photos made me smile ear to ear. What happiness! Thank you for sharing all the fun. Catherine


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