Wednesday, June 17, 2015

~Rustic Chicken Soup, Myrtle Creek Gardens and Nursery and Simple & Sweet Fridays #172~

The family went to Tender Greens Restaurant in La Jolla and just loved the Rustic Chicken Soup.
So I decided to make some. I made chicken broth and cut up cooked chicken breasts. I bought mixed potatoes.
Lots of different squashes.
Carrots, celery, leeks and thyme.
I picked rosemary branches just to decorate the table with.
I love the smell and it gives the table that rustic look I wanted.
Scott made some sour dough baguettes for the meal.

I also grilled some eggplant from the garden.
It was a delicious Rustic Chicken Vegetable Soup for a June meal.
I wanted to let you know what happened this week to our Maggie.
Our lab, Maggie had to have major surgery this week. Her thymus gland was enlarged and was blocking her lungs and breathing. Dr. Frey the surgeon, did the surgery. It went very well and they took out the gland which was a size of an avocado. We're excited about bringing her home on Thursday. She's 11 1/2 years old. All of our 3 children are coming home for the big Homecoming. If any of you have dogs, you know what I mean. It will be a wonderful 
Father's Day celebration!! I'll let you know how she's doing.
We ended up stopping by Myrtle Creek Gardens and Nursery when we dropped Maggie off, It was near the hospital. It's located in Fallbrook, California.
It's a wonderful peaceful place to go and enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds of nature.
I wanted to share with you some photos of the Nursery.

They have a lot of old vintage pieces in the Gardens.

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery

2940 Reche Rd
Fallbrook, CA 92028

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  1. this is really good
    new post:

  2. Stan & Jody the soup looks delicious. I'm going to try making it this week. Thanks for sharing the lovely features!


  3. Oh my, what beautiful photos. Love this post
    Hugs from here

  4. Stan and Jody, I love your wonderful blog which I'm now following! I live in England but have travelled up the cost of CA between LA and Frisco. It's such a beautiful place. I hope you might like to follow my blog, Lucy's Cottage. Best wishes, Fiona x

  5. Thank you for the party and for featuring my English Country Tablescape!

    Pam (

  6. Your soup looks so delicious as do those fresh baguettes! Umm! I've never seen a bread pan like that...something to look for when I'm out and about. I hope your Maggie is doing much better. She's a cutie! Your photos are just beautiful. :)

  7. Great features!

    What a great nursery! I don't think my hubby though would have liked to deliver the mail in that Mail Buggy!!
    Thanks for hosting!!


  8. Jody and Stan,
    So~o~o glad to hear Maggie is going to be fine, dear friends!!!
    Pets enrich our lives in amazingly wonderful ways!!!
    Thank you for sharing your visit to the Nursery. . .loved the Rural Mail Carrier!!!
    The buildings were superb, indeed!!! Think I could use a "plant doctor" every now and then!!!
    Thanks for hosting Simple and Sweet Fridays! each week!!!
    Amazing featured guests!!!
    P.S. Wishing Stan a "Happy Father's Day"!!!

  9. Always a pleasure to stop by and join the party! What a nice surprise to see my wreath included in this weeks features...thank you! hugs...

  10. Sorry to hear that your fur baby was sick but so happy that she is doing better and gets to come home this weekend! Thanks for hosting!


  11. Thank you so much for featuring ♥ Alexandra

  12. Another pretty tour! We love it in La Jolla, it's gorgeous there. I can't place the name, but there's a huge nursery right between Fallbrook and Escondido somewhere that I'd love to tour but haven't had the chance yet. Have you been and is it worth it? Your soup looks so lovely, like right out of a tuscan kitchen! I hope your sweet Maggie will be ok! :)

  13. Hi Jody,

    So happy that your darling Maggie is doing so much better! Yes, along with Father's Day, you have a lot to celebrate! Your rustic chicken soup looks scrumptious, with all those fresh veggies and the baguette must be delicious. Thanks for hosting and wishing you and Stan and your family a very Happy Father's Day.


  14. I have been reading and loving Rooted in Thyme since I started blogging, but this is the first time
    I have linked to your party. And you featured my Garden Shed! I was so thrilled. But I am such a
    new blogger that I don't know how to put your I was featured button on my blog! Are there directions somewhere for ignorant newbies like me? Thanks for hosting!

  15. Hi there, I think my first time to your lovely blog, I must say you have hosted a wonderful party with so much goodness, your baguette and soup look wonderful. Fallsbrook is such a nice community, we were up there last year to present a seminar to the avocado farmers.

    I hope to get back there again, we ate in a wonderful restaurant, good food.

    I would love to have you stop by and share your blog at my Friday Features Party this week.

    Hope to see you again, have a great weekend!

  16. Hmmmm...the soup, the bread, a sick old puppy, a beautiful barn---how is one supposed to choose a favorite???? What a lovely post all around! Thanks for sharing, thanks for hosting, Jody.

  17. You got me at the delicious looking food! You do cook and share some amazing dishes. Thanks for hosting and you two have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Love your chicken soup meal, I love rustic classic meals like that, I bet the soup was wonderful, and the bread looks delicious as well. :) Your adventure to Myrtle Creek looks like fun, what a great place to explore, I loved the old Gypsy caravan in the garden, what a wonderful looking garden! Thanks for hosting! :)

  19. Love your chicken soup meal, I love rustic classic meals like that, I bet the soup was wonderful, and the bread looks delicious as well. :) Your adventure to Myrtle Creek looks like fun, what a great place to explore, I loved the old Gypsy caravan in the garden, what a wonderful looking garden! Thanks for hosting! :)

  20. I rise after a long time, since my PC was broken and I now have a new pc !!! What beautiful pictures and posts !!! I wish you a nice weekend, Greetings Angie from Germany

  21. Your chicken soup looks so YUMMY, Jody-and I LOVE the idea of decorating your table with rosemary! Love the photo's from your visit to Myrtle Creek too! I bet I could spend hours looking at all the treasures in their gardens! So sorry to hear about Maggie. I hope she recovers quickly! Thank you for hosting-and have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Your soup looks delicious and what a wonderful garden tour! Thanks so much for the party! Blessings, Cecilia

  23. I was so tickled to be featured this week; I am certainly in good company. Thanks, as always, for hosting, and I hope your sweet dog flew through the surgery with no trouble.


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