Wednesday, February 17, 2016

~Edible Flower Bark & Stan's Retirement After 38 Years & Simple & Sweet Fridays #207~

I love the Victoria Magazine.
 They have so many wonderful articles and inspiring photographs!
In the March/April issue of Bliss Victoria,
they had an Edible-Flower Bark article in their Cooking and Entertaining section. 
I knew I had to make some for our family.
It was their special Garden Issue and
 you know how much I love gardening.
I always have edible flowers growing in our garden,
that way I can use them in any recipe.
 I used some white chocolate,
then heated it up and poured it onto 
some parchment paper to harden.
I used flowers from the garden.
Roses, calandulas, lavender, pansies, geraniums
 and chopped pistachios.
I sprinkled some salt onto it.
A beautiful bouquet of color!!
With some vanilla ice cream,
it was a perfect dessert!!

My husband Stan is officially retired now.
After 38 years working for the same company,
we decided it was time.
We made a special dinner to celebrate.
Ahi, Avocado and Shrimp Stack for starters.
Filet mignon, mushrooms and tattooed potatoes for dinner.
Our daughter, Carly,
 made her famous bearnaise sauce.
It was delicious!!
Some strawberries for dessert!
It was a meal our family will never forget.
Happy Retirement, Honey!!
It was a wonderful weekend!!

Hoping you all had a great week too.
Let's see what you've been working on!

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  1. Happy retirement to Stan! That celebration dinner looks yummy and i'm sure you all had a god time. My husband retired a year ago, but started a handyman business to keep himself occupied! But he's home a lot and I like that:)

  2. Congrats to Stan on his retirement! Hope there are many wonderful things in store in this new chapter. Oh, that bark is gorgeous, and your family is beautiful!

  3. Jody - I am not the least bit surprised that you made that beautiful edible flower bark. It looks awesome.

    Great photo of family. Congratulations on Stan's retirement. When John retired, he had worked for Honeywell for 41 years. You just don't hear of that length of time with one company any more. Enjoy his retirement and cherish every day.


  4. I want to make some of the flower bark. This is so pretty! Thanks for hosting and congratulations on Stan's retirement.

  5. Jody,
    Congratulations on Stan's retirement. You two are going to have a great time. The flower bark looks wonderful. Victoria has always had great recipes as well as beautiful photos and inspiring articles.


  6. That floral bark looks fabulous! Congrats on the retirement too! Thanks for the party!

  7. Congrats on Stan's retirement and on your dinner, you've such a wonderful family !
    Thank you for hosting me once more, this is truly a beautiful party !

    Enjoy your week, sending hugs
    with gratitude

  8. Super pretty:)
    Happy Retirement to your dear husband has been retired for many many many years:) And me? For 6..
    I have to say..I wonder how I found time to work.We are never bored..and the days fly by..and I love not having to BE somewhere in the AM in winter:)Or on a glorious summer day..
    You have a beautiful family:)

  9. Hi Jody, what a nice Retirement dinner for your hubby and family! The presentation is just beautiful! Lovely family too! Congrats Stan!
    Thanks so much for the party!

  10. Thanks so much for the party and Congrats to Stan!! I am so jealous.....I have 4 more years if I make it but Joe is retiring in September!! It will be a major adjustment for both of us.....He will be looking for a part time job so he does not drive me nuts!! LOL!!


  11. I love the chocolate and edible flowers dessert. So pretty! Congratulations to you and Stan on his retirement. Enjoy every day together.

  12. Jody & Stan,
    Congratulations to Stan on his retirement, dear friends!
    Truly a commitment to Company in this day and age!
    I adore your white chocolate edible floral bark!
    Gardening ideas are floating around here on the Prairie, but at the moment we're in a construction zone! New front porch in the design stages.

  13. Congratulations Stan on your Retirement. And Jody (and family) what a wonderful family celebration, such a beautiful (as well as delicious) dinner. Thank you Jody for Simple and Sweet Fridays 207.

  14. Congratulations Stan on your Retirement. And Jody thank you for the feature this week. Wonderful and beautiful meal.

  15. Congrats to your hubby! This will be a wonderful new time in your life. Such a wonderful picture of your family. Thank you for hosting a wonderful linky party. I always love the projects that you try and they always turn out so beautifully. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Congrats and happy retirement! Oh my does that flower bark look amazing! Thanks for hosting!

  17. Your flower bark is gorgeous! That meal looks delicious too! Thanks for hosting!

  18. Congratulations Stan! It looks like you all had a wonderful evening.

  19. Congratulations and best wishes to Stan on his retirement! Thank you for the party.


  20. wow! what an amazing meal. it looked simply delicious. congratulations to your hubby. thanks for hosting another fabulous party. xo- maryjo

  21. Congratulations on Stan's retirement. The meal looked delicious, especially those strawberries. The edible flowers look like artwork and would be an absolute delight to eat xx

  22. Hello. Thank you for hosting us. Beautiful party.

  23. Oh my goodness, Congratulations on Stan's retirement! What a lovely party you threw for him! The flower candy bark is so pretty, and the rest of the meal looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for the feature! I have been sick all week and didn't even realize......Hope you have a lovely week enjoying each other's company! xx Karen

  24. Jody,
    thanks for featuring me at you fun party!

  25. I'm behind on my blog reading. Congratulations to Stan on his retirement!! We've both retired now and it's wonderful! Wishing him (and you) lots of fun on this new adventure! Z

  26. Jody, your edible bark looks amazing. Congrats to Stan on his retirement! He deserved the beautiful party you threw. Thank you for hosting this lovely party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  27. Hello Jody :)

    I've been nosing around your blog for a few days after you left a comment and I have to say, you have a very lovely blog as well. I certainly could have dove right into that dinner you made ;)

    Happy retirement to your husband, Stan!


  28. Beautiful bark! Pinning, so pretty...also, my sincerest apologies for not thanking you sooner for the feature, I had computer issues, I am just catching up... Thank you so, so much, and wishing your hubby a happy retirement! The dinner looks delish!

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