Monday, February 1, 2016

~Rainy Weekend in San Diego and a Surprise Hummingbird~

We got a rain storm on Saturday and Sunday in San Diego.
The winds were 50 to 60 mph.
Needless to say, we didn't drive anywhere.
 It was a weekend to stay home and cook!
Stan made us a Frittata for Sunday brunch,
It was made with asparagus, feta, bacon and tomatoes.
I haven't had one in so long,
I definitely will be making more.
The family loved it!!
Scott and his girlfriend, Kaylee made fresh cinnamon buns.
The house was smelling like a bakery!

I made some fresh Acorn Squash Bisque Soup for dinner. 
It was a Martha Stewart recipe. 
And I also made some Rosemary Focaccia.
Perfect for a rainy day!
I started stamping some Valentine goodies for gifts.

I love crafting on a rainy day!
It seemed like it rained non-stop for 12 hours.
In the background,
 you can see I planted lots of new seedlings.
They love the rain!!
A break in between the storm,
 was a rainbow...
A surprise in our garden.
A hummingbird!
She made her nest in a tree rose and survived the rain storm.
We have a new member to our family!!
Lucky us...


  1. What a fun post! First of all, I'm dieting and all of this good food is really tempting. Cinnamon buns and foccacia all in one weekend. Yummy!

    Pinned the hummingbird to my gardening board. Can't wait till they come back here. I remember visiting San Diego last year and seeing the hummingbirds in winter. That was such a sweet surprise to me because they migrate south from here.

  2. Beautiful food -Yum and crafts look just as beautiful : ) I live in Rancho Cucamonga and My youngest daughter,husband and two little boys live in Scripts Ranch of northern SD.We go down there once a month. Blessings -Denise

  3. droolworthy, so cozy to be inside making all kinds of delicious eat! A visit to your place with you is on my bucket list! day.

  4. Jody & Stan,
    Nothing better than soup on a rainy day, unless, of course,
    it's new seedlings and a hummingbird nest sighting!!!
    Your Gardens are already beautiful, dear friends!!!
    Jody, I love your clever idea of stamping on fabric!!!

  5. Your food looks so good! Now I'm in the mood to bake, which is not good for me. I'm on a diet! I'm so glad you guys got rain. Your garden will love it. Have a great day!

  6. What a joy to find a hummingbird nest. You are so lucky and blessed. Always love reading your blog!

  7. You two are quite the have so many wishing that they could be your lucky guests for a day! In all my life I have never seen a nesting hummingbird...what a beautiful shot you achieved! I love all of your little crafts and thanks for giving me an inspiration to complete my Valentine's tablescape!

  8. We had our rain on Sunday and it was wonderful to be in the house playing while the garden was nourished.

  9. Love the elongated heart stamps. Available now or something from long ago?
    Thank you.

  10. This post is so full of wonderful things. First of all---the food all looks amazing and it's dinner time here and you are making my stomach growl with these dishes!
    I love what you have been making for Valentine's Day. I've been doing a few things lately, when I should be painting :)))
    That view of your back terrace makes me wish I lived where you live. When I look in our backyard, it's snow, snow, snow. I don't think I will be seeing any hummingbirds for awhile. I love the capture of your little boarder.
    sending hugs...

  11. How lucky you are to have a hummingbird nesting! Eating well, crafting on a rainy day, what fun!!


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