Wednesday, September 14, 2016

~Inspiration for a Fall Chair and Simple & Sweet Fridays #237~

You know when you see something you just have to have.
Well, Carly and I were driving down the street and saw this chair out in front of a house on the curb!!
I knew I had to have it.
So, I turned the car around and Carly helped me get it into the car.
I absolutely love it.
The detail to it and it was FREE!!!
I have always wanted to have something special in our entryway and this was the answer!!
I picked some pumpkins from our garden and displayed them in their new spot.
I had just gone to Michael's and purchased some wheat stalks.
They looked great in the French Wall Basket for the front door.
I stamped pages of a book for the new chair.
The chair fits in next to our hydrangea.
The hanging chandelier adds a classic look to the new chair.
I'm so lucky to have been at
 the right place 
at the right time!!
Stan is helping me add to the new area with some growing pumpkins.
I'll share a photo next time!
I wanted to share some photos of our lab, 
Maggie's first photo shoot.
Our daughter, Carly works at Westfield UTC Center and they asked Carly to bring in 
Maggie to play at their dog park. Of course, we said yes!!
She performed like a princess!!
Maggie is 12 1/2 years old now. We love everyday she's with us!
Kale salad with pomegranate seeds, quinoa, chicken, avocado, feta, lemon, olive oil and candied walnuts.
It was a beautiful Fall weekend in San Diego!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting guys! Have a great day! xox
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. Jody & Stan,
    What an amazing surprise to find such a gem at the side of the road, dear friends!
    I adore how you've styled the chair on your porch!
    A creatively crafted sign and home grown pumpkins enhance the chair's beauty!
    Maggie is such a beautiful canine!
    I notice your trees are beginning to turn.
    "Mr. Ed" and I did a drive about town yesterday and saw a few beginnings of Autumnal changes here on the Prairie, also!
    thank you for hosting Simple and Sweet Fridays! each week!

  3. Thank you so much for the feature! And thank you for hosting each week. I love that chair, great find! Your entryway just makes me smile with the autumn look.

  4. Thank you for featuring my painting and for hosting this awesome party each week. I can't believe someone would throw that chair out. It's gorgeous and I love the way you used it on your porch. I hope both of you enjoy the rest of this week!

  5. that chair was an amazing find! it looks very happy on your porch.

  6. Thank you for hosting. I love the new to you chair!

    xo Dianne

  7. What a score! I've had windfalls like that, and they are exhilarating. I love the fall porch display you made out of it. So beautiful. Thanks for hosting a fun party, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Sarah @ Gypsy Girl Reivals

  8. Jody,
    You certainly were at the right place at the right time to find that wonderful chair. I am so envious of your home-grown pumpkins. I just bought some at the local nursery, but can't spend that much money to get as many as you have on your new old chair. Thanks for hosting each week.


  9. Great chair find Jody - it makes a great base for seasonal decorations, loved seeing your front porch today . Thank you for Sweet and Simple, always appreciate visiting and joining in.

  10. I love your "free" chair! Looks perfect in the setting. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Hi Jody
    Scooore! on that chair!! Oh Happy day to find that! :) Thank you for featuring my embellished pumpkins, and thank you for hosting the fab party! Happy Fall!

  12. Good save, Jody! It's perfect for the porch. I'm salivating over your salad and loving that sweet face of Maggie. Have a good weekend- I wish I was in San Diego to enjoy the weather.

  13. That chair is wonderful! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Jody, it's been too long! Your party is growing. First off, congrats on finding that free chair. The kale & pomegranate seed salad sounds amazing. I love Maggie. Thank you for hosting such a creative party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  15. The chair is beautiful and Maggie is so beautiful ♥

  16. Thank you so much Jody!! What a lucky find... I think I need your chair, pumpkins and Maggie of course on my garden shed porch for fall! xoxo


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