Monday, September 30, 2013

~Handmade Soaps~

I always have loved handmade soaps,
especially using fresh ingredients.
I made these glycerin soaps as a gift for my girlfriends, for giving me my birthday party.
My friend, Linda, had made beautiful soaps also for gifts to exchange that day.
Great minds think a like!
I had found this iron pan at a Flea Market and thought it would be a great mold for the soap.
I saw these other ideas for using fruit, herbs and flowers and had to try them all.
Great gifts for birthdays and special occasions.
This one is Strawberry & Goat's Milk.
~Pumpkin Cinnamon Goat's Milk~
~Borage & Chamomile Goat's Milk~
~Rose Petal Glycerin Soap~
~Basil Glycerin Soap~
~Lavender Glycerin Soap~
~Oatmeal Honey & Vanilla Goat's Milk~
~Lemon Glycerin Soap~
Using different tin molds, milk cartons and recycle plastic containers makes the project a lot of fun!
I got the basic soap from Michael's and just added things I love.
Wrap them up in clear cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon and it makes a wonderful gift for friends.


  1. These soaps look so yummy smelling, wish I knew how to make my own soaps. There was a place back in upstate NY that I used to buy all my handmade soaps from. I miss that store!

  2. WOW they look great and I am sure they smell divine. I am going to try my hand at making some since I have so many roses, lavender and rosemary in my garden. Thanks so much for this lovely idea.

  3. What a wonderful gift those would be to receive from a friend.


  4. Than pan is priceless:)

    And all your soaps.
    How pretty:)

  5. all your soaps look wonderful, I especially love the animals!!

  6. Woman, you are off the charts! you made all those? I want one of each! I love using Hugo's soaps from Whole foods markets, they smell wonderful and last all the way are so super uber talented how do you stand yourself ? LOL hugs!

  7. Beautiful soaps! I love the color and fragrance combinations that you made.
    We've been making soaps this summer too. Homemade soaps are so nice, and it's so fun to make just exactly the kind of soap that you like :)

    Also love that cast iron mold that you found; what a treasure!

    Have a great week!

    {p.s. I'm blogging again, and happily so }

  8. The combinations you've made sound amazing! And the photos of the various "flavours" makes them all so attractive. Your friends are a lucky bunch of gals to have you make these up for them. I wonder what that iron mold was used for originally? Wendy

  9. Oh my gosh the animals are so sweet! The rest look edible! LOL

  10. Those are GORGEOUS! I have a bit of a soap fetish ;) I'd love to be able to smell each of those!

  11. Brilliant idea and fabulous presentation... as always.

  12. Brilliant idea and fabulous presentation... as always.

  13. Wow, the animal soaps are so cute. What a lovely gift.

    Hugs from here

  14. Wow, the animal soaps are so cute. What a lovely gift.

    Hugs from here

  15. My goodness these are fabulous - I love the rose petal glycerin - please tell more - is it difficult? The tin with animal shapes was a great find, congratulations on making such beautiful things. Betty

  16. I have always wanted to try my hand at this. the animal shaped ones are adorable.

  17. Very creative! I love soaps with a lot of stuff added. They are so beautiful!

  18. Your soaps are gorgeous and these are such fabulous gifts. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. What a great project and LOVE that mold! Thanx for joining THT.

  20. Love that mold and the whole idea of making beautiful soap at home. Yours look good enough to eat!


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