Sunday, September 8, 2013

~Pumpkins & Cabbages~

I thought I'd share with you some photos I took this weekend.
Some of the pumpkins are ready to be picked.

The weather in San Diego has been very hot,
 85 to 95 degrees.
The pumpkins that started as volunteers in
 March are starting to tell me they're done.
The cabbages are always my heart of the garden in September.

My red roses next to the house are so pretty.
Especially when I look out the window.

The sunflowers are the biggest they've ever been,
 please don't look too close at me.
I've been working in the garden all day.
We have 4 watermelons.
This is the biggest one.
Pretty soon we'll have a celebration!!


  1. I wished I looked that good after working in the garden. Your melons and pumpkins are amazing!!!

  2. I love the beauty of your garden! What wonderful fruits of your labor! The pumpkins are just perfect!-aimee

  3. Everything is looking beautiful in your garden. Those pumpkins are marvelous!


  4. Wow! I'm impressed with your pumpkins and cabbage! You've done a magnificent job with them. Beautiful photos.


  5. Oh I love the pumpkins, they are fabulous and the cabbage always make such a pretty plant. The melons look soooooooo good. One of my favorites. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh how lovely your gardens are! My those sunflowers are tall!!

  7. Oh I do love the pumpkins. I had two but my friend came over and said no they are not pumpkins they are melons and you better pick them so I did and guess what - they were pumpkins - I was so mad at her and she worked at a nursery for 5 years. I will never listen to her again. They turned orange but rotted so in the trash they went. But yours are wonderful. Ha you should see me when I come in from the garden - not pretty. Your pictures are so good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your garden, Jody, the pumpkins look wonderful, so great to have your own "pick your own", must be a fabulous life where you live. I think your photo midst the sunflowers is beautiful. xo

  9. I just love your garden, Jody. The cabbages are my favorite...just beautiful!

  10. I envy your pumpkin patch! Pie and muffins are just around the corner, I will bet. And you cabbages, or my.....

  11. What a wonderful garden- you look great!

  12. Wow Jody what a beautiful and colorful fall garden.

  13. Your garden is amazing and makes my mouth water.

  14. What fantastic pumpkins and watermelon! I would have never thought about growing those in San Diego.


  15. You have alot going on there and you look just fine with your sunflowers! What a nice photo! :)

  16. Oh my gosh, your pumpkins and watermelon are huge, and your cabbages are stunning! I love seeing your fall bounty!

  17. Oh I like your tall sun flowers
    I had some tall one year however not that tall
    I miss a lot of flowers this year due to our heat
    you look good standing there

  18. Everything looks wonderful. I always enjoy seeing all the different pumpkins.


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