Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~Butternut Squash Bruschetta & Pear & Zucchini Soup~

Some of our butternut squash was ready to harvest.
I love going out to the garden and
 picking fresh vegetables.
I thought I could make a bruschetta with the butternut squash.
I roasted some in the oven at 400 with olive oil and herbs.
We then whipped the butternut squash and added a little more olive oil and served it with fresh bread. We roasted some pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on the top.
We served it with prosciutto baked 
around asparagus and hot brie with dried fruit.
I saw a soup recipe from the Food Network,
(The Corn Exchange)
 Pear & Zucchini Soup.
I picked some fresh carrots and zucchini in the garden.
So, it was a perfect recipe.
So yummy!
I cheated and bought an apple pie from the store.
Sometimes, you just have too!
I made a pretty ice bucket with flowers from the garden.
It was a very special weekend.
Our son, Scott, came home to visit.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. Jody,
    I love the pretty ice wine cooler you made. That is beautiful. Everything you served looked so yummy. How nice to have fresh right out of the garden.

  2. Everything looks delicious...I'd love to serve the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto...I bet that was a hit!

    What a lovely family you have and I'm so glad you had a visit from your son! :)


  3. The soup does sound good..love the ice bucket..
    Lovely get together:-)

  4. Each picture was just more enticing than the one before it! Love the rich warm taste of the butternut squash! The asparagus and the soup look absolutely out of this world! The ice bucket you created is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your family time with us!

  5. Your menu just made my stomach grumble!!! Wow do your dishes look divine! I just love butternut squash! There is nothing better than harvesting your own food for your meals!!! Looks like a lovely celebration with your family!

  6. What a WONDERFUL party - such a beautiful tablescape - looks so good, sure wish I could have
    been there. Everything is delightful.

  7. I couldn't stop reading about your fresh produce and wonderful meal ideas! I love butternut squash and often make it into soup ... yum! Everything on your table looks so beautiful, especially that flowery ice bucket. You've got great ideas ;) Wendy

  8. Okay...I am salivating right now. Everything looks so good...I swear I could smell the brie and the asparagus too! yummy!-aimee

  9. Hi, Jody

    This looks beautiful and yummy. I love the flowers and ice bucket. Awesome.


  10. Hi Jody,
    Everything looks delicious (and pretty; I like pretty looking food). I should try the soup. How did you make the ice bucket?

  11. Oh my goodness, everything looks amazing. It all looks so delicious. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. Looks amazing and that ice with the flowers is just divine! Thanks for stopping by Tuesday Greens!

  13. Everything looks wonderful! I love the ice bucket!


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