Tuesday, November 19, 2013

~A Simple White Vignette & Planting My Sweet Peas~

I wanted to do a simple white vignette.
I found the perfect white pumpkin runner at Home Goods! 
Our favorite store.
A little bling of rhinestones added.
Very elegant but whimsical!
I added my paper bird resting on a silver glittered nest.
I love our buffet.
It was one of our first finds at an Antique Store.
It has such wonderful detailed cravings on it.
It's a simple vignette for the buffet
 before starting to decorate for Christmas.
I wanted to share with you all the 
sweet pea seeds I collected last year.
I started the seedlings the beginning of October.
They are established now and ready to be put in the ground.
I bought some arches to help support them.
We already have some growing here and there.
I just wanted to add more next to the sunflowers.
Can't wait to see them all in bloom.
The weather report said, we might get up to 2 inches
 of rain in the next 5 days.
That is a lot for San Diego.
I know the garden will love it.
Our paperwhites are in full bloom now.
They always multiply every year.
I found this beautiful stenciled French box.
It had 2 Apple Blossom Amaryllis in it. 
 I'm saving the box for something special to put inside.
I think the bulbs will be happy just to be planted.
Maggie waited patiently while I did my gardening.
Yes, Maggie we will go for a walk now.
Hope you all had a good day too!!


  1. Such beautiful photos... and I love seeing Maggie... doggie kisses sweet little pup!... I also love sweet peas!... heavenly... and your little paper bird is too cute... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I love your beautiful white vignette Jody! It is so lovely for fall. I love the glittered nest and cute little bird.
    Oh to garden where I could plant sweet peas in the fall~sigh~
    Have a wonderful week Jody!

  3. The white is a nice change from the usual fall colours. White pumpkins really help bring it all together into a fall theme. Your yard is amazing! I can see that slope and all those stairs being a bit of a challenge though. Maggie is adorable, and I hope she gets to lie in front of the buffet to add to your white vignette! Have a great week :) Wendy x

  4. OMG! I thought I had lots of stuff in my yard. My sweet pea seeds didn't do very well this year and I had planted them like you did. A few came up so I have placed them where I want to see the flowers. Thanks for sharing. We are expecting the rain here in Arizona as well.

  5. That is a darling runner, and I love how it goes with your white pumpkins! I wish we had a Home Goods close to the house. Dee :)

  6. Love the white vignette, the paperwhites in the garden, and of course, Maggie fits right into this theme!

  7. Fabulous watercolor! Your sweet peas will be the envy of all:)

  8. Oh wow, your buffet and runner are so beautiful and I love, love, love your vignette. Your cloche is stunning. Love the view of all the paperwhite in the yard, so lovely. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. your garden is so pretty with blooming plants in it this time of year
    We are going to have 3 days of rain also however then very cold weather like 30 degrees and below
    That box your amaryllis came in is wonderful find
    love your dog also

  10. Oh my gosh we're living in a world of opposites my friend. It's -25C (-13F) with my perennials sleeping under a thick blanket of snow (with more on the way). I have a narrow path shovelled where my sweet peas will grow again in the spring. My black schnauzer is curled up in a tight ball by my desk warming up after his record breaking speedy trip outdoors this morning. Love your buffet and Maggie's portrait! Enjoy your rain! xo

  11. Oh my, such beautiful pictures, and so many beautiful things!! I love the antique buffet.
    We used to have a beautiful old buffet, many years ago, and for what-ever reason, we sold it. Sellers remorse!!!

    Hope that the rest of your week is wonderful!


  12. First of all Just beautiful and I love it all. I love your house, your dog all of it. YOUR very blessed my friend and your garden and the seedlings are going to be just fabulous. If I lived near my friend I would come and hang out in your yard LOL . Seriously just loved it all.

  13. Your vignette is really pretty. I love all the whites.

  14. I have used white pumpkins ad nauseum for the last 6 weeks so, of course, I like your white vignette which is a perfect complement to the beautiful chest.

  15. Hi Jody, I just love your buffet table decorated all white, so elegant and pretty! Home Goods is such a great store, I love it too. You have such a nice big backyard to do all you planting. I have a small yard but I still like to plant tomatoes and flowers. I love your dog Maggie and the watercolor painting you made of her! I will stop by later for the party and thanks for mentioning that I will be featured. You are so sweet and thanks again. Julie at julieslifestyle.blogspot.com

  16. I love all the beautiful details of your buffet and it looks lovely with the white vignette.

  17. Very well said. These tips are really amazing. I appreciate it for sharing them.

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  18. I didn't comment before, I'm surprised, but then you have a way of making me become dumb and mute! LOL.....but I wanted to ask how your sweet peas are doing? I love them, I named my cat after them. I just purchased the same French stenciled box and apple blossom bulbs which I found in my fav store of all time in Florida, Home Goods.....and have only buds coming up, no greens. Strange. I adore amaryllis!


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