Thursday, November 7, 2013

~Handmade Velvet Pumpkins and Simple & Sweet Fridays #88~

I love velvet pumpkins.
I have been seeing wonderful blogs making the most beautiful velvet pumpkins
 and I wanted to make some for the holidays.
I have these Fall letters and
 they have a tint of blue in them.
I thought why not make some pretty blue velvet pumpkins to go with the theme.
I went to a Fabric store and found just the right shade of blue.
My friend, Mary gave me this pretty glass pumpkin that I thought would go perfect with the vignette.
I think you could make pumpkins of every color if you wanted to.
I found this material at a garage sale.
So pretty as pumpkins, 
don't you think?
Dry some pumpkin stems from Halloween,
they really make them look magical and real. 
They look so elegant no matter where you place them.
Yes, I definitely will make more.
If you've never made any,
you have to make at least one.
It's a wonderful project for the holidays.
I wanted to share with you
 how I displayed my glittered acorns.
I had Stan cut some branches from the garden.
I placed some lights on them and hung them with wire.
I drilled a hole in the center and glued a bent wire to it.
Of course, Stan helped me. 
I added some butterflies to the branches.
Just the look I wanted for the holidays.
I also displayed the acorns with some moss and a candle.
I'm sure you'll have fun with both of these projects.

Now let's see what you've been working on!!

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Rooted In Thyme


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post from the Ludwigsburg Festival and Palace. I had such a great time there! Can't believe winter is right around the corner.

  2. Awesome looking pumpkins - they look like something out of a fairytale :) Thanks for the weekly party, Jody! Great features :) Have a great rest of the week! Hugs and Spring greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  3. Thanks for hosting the party Jody. I just love your pumpkins and acorns they are stunning. I am going to have to make some.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I LOVE these velvet pumpkins and I hope to make some! I have a few pumpkins and I plan to save the stems, They are so elegant. Thank you for hosting the party!

  5. So beautiful and elegant!! Next year for me! I'm still enjoying my pumpkin. [wink]

  6. Your pumpkins are gorgeous! Love their velvety softness. And your pretty acorns are darling, Jody.
    Thank you so much for the lovely feature and for hosting the party each week!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Jody and Stan,
    Thanks so much for the feature!! I will be giving you a Shout Out in my next post on A Debbie-Dabble Christmas which will be out tomorrow.
    Thanks for the party and I LOVE your velvet pumpkins and acorns!! Beautiful and elegant!!


  8. love those acorns! as I'm new to your blog I may not have seen how they were made. But it is something I can do for our home. We live in an RV so small is better for decorating!

    1. What magical fall decor... love your pumpkins! It's like a Cinderella Ball for fall fairies at your place! xo

  9. I love everything you do. I know! I'm repeating myself! But do tell me if you ever get tired of hearing it please ! :D:D:D
    I have not made one of those pumpkins and if I did I would definitely need a real pumpkin handle.....and since you said if we've never made one, we ''must made at least one'', I will have to now because I trust you :D but must find that handle....unless you have another idea? I've linked up, thanks for hosting one of the most funest parties in bloglandia! hugs!

  10. Those pumpkins are magical- I love your unique approach to fall! - the sparkly acorns, creative color palette and music butterflies!- I have to try one of those pumpkins- just have to figure out the stems
    Thanks for your fabulous Friday parties and for featuring my raven cupcakes!

  11. Jody,
    Everything you do is just beautiful...I must get back to joining this pretty party...Love, love, love your pumpkins..and the colors are perfect..
    Love, Mona

  12. They all turned out beautiful, Jody. Nice job!
    I've seen the sewn pumpkins around for a couple of years now, and so far, I've not made any. You have inspired me to make some :)
    Hope today is a great one for you!

  13. I love the colors you picked-my favorites! So glad I have something to share this week...thanks for hosting!


  14. Jody,
    Love your pumpkins! I saw these in a store over the weekend and they were $100 a piece. What did you fill yours with? Beautiful acorns as well...-aimee

  15. Jody, I had to stop by and tell you I love these pumpkins. They are so pretty and the hanging acorns are fantastic also!!!


  16. Hi Jody,

    Your fabric pumpkins came out so cute, just love the different fabrics you used. Thanks for Hosting.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  17. Jody,
    I love everything.
    I love the velvet pumpkins. I made some for myself this year.
    Love the altered FALL letters and the statue with it's bling!
    Thanks for hosting each week.
    Luv, Luv,

  18. Jody, thank you for hosting and your fall handmade velevet pumpkins are spectacular. I have seen them in a few blogs early on but didn't jot down instructions. Would you mind sharing how you made them or let me know another blog that tells. I love the crown on the little angel. Thanks so much, Happy Thursday..Judy

  19. Jody, I love your pumpkins and acorns. And the new header, too!

  20. I love how you added real stems to your pumpkins--this really sets them apart! Thanks for hosting the party! Dee :)

  21. Wow, they are beautiful!!!!!! Thank you for hosting. xo

  22. Happy to be joining you this week. Thank you for hosting.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. Thank you so much for hosting another great party. Have a great weekend.

  24. I love your velvet pumpkins and the acorns and the tree and... well it all looks so beautiful! You have quite a flair for decorating. I will have to add you to my blog roll and follow you. Your ideas are fabulous.

  25. Your fall decorations are so pretty! I love the crown. Thank you for hosting!

  26. I love the velvet pumpkins also
    I dind't make mine I bought some then decorated them with lace and rhinestones

  27. Velvt pumpkins do look lovely and have been really popular this year.

  28. Hi Jody, I love your velvet pumpkins! They are elegant and beautiful as also for the rest of your decorations! Wishing you a wonderful fall weekend. Julie at

  29. Thanks for hosting. Always working on my garden/yard/compost and this was a good week for that. Have a great week.

  30. Ooooooooooooooo I think your fall vignette is my very favorite I've seen so far!!! LOVE it!

  31. Love the velvety pumpkins! And thrift store fabric recycled...your home looks beautiful. Very inviting and I know your Thanksgiving will be filled with much love and thankfulness. My "royal castle doors" are always open over at The Cranky Queen, Tiffany

  32. Hi Jody and Stan,
    Thank you for inviting me to share at Simple and Sweet Fridays. I do appreciate you visiting me. I wish that I were more creative like you .....those pumpkins are so sweet! I must try to link up something as lovely as yours. The features were beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Take care, Karen

  33. Ja również uwielbiam te pluszowe dynie i to we wszystkich kolorach tęczy.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

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