Monday, January 27, 2014

~Making Kitchen Garden Salad Baskets For Friends~

I wanted to share with you an idea I had.
 To make Kitchen Garden Salad Baskets as gifts for friends.
I love making handmade gifts. 
I collect baskets from garage sales and thrift stores,
you can find some at a great price.
You know I love to garden.
 So why not,
give the gift of a Green Kitchen Garden.
It's organic!!
 I soaked some moss to add to the finished baskets.
I lined the baskets with some black heavy duty garbage bags,
then filled the baskets with soil.
The nursery had lots of beautiful varieties of lettuce.
Pansies are edible and add lots of color to the baskets.
I listed the different lettuce on a handmade tag,
just in case they wanted to buy more.
 A chalkboard sign was just what the baskets needed.
A Simple Kitchen Garden Salad for my Friends.
Of course, 
I made one for me too!!
I had some baskets laying around 
that needed some extra help!
I used snapdragons, parsley,
and bacopa.
I filled the basket with pansies and moss.
A handwritten sign and it looks brand new again!!
I wanted to make a Herb basket too.
There's nothing like fresh herbs,
 right from your kitchen!!
I decided the handle needed a little extra touch.
Some fresh cut rosemary tied with some jute around it.
Looks so pretty and smells so good.
A chalkboard sign for it.
You can always handstamp some wine corks
 to place in the baskets too.
It adds a little whimsy!
Now, I have Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme in my Kitchen.
Don't you love that song from Simon and Garfunkel!!
I hope you liked all the baskets.
My friends loved theirs.
 I had to make a salad for dinner with
 all the goodies from my new garden.
~Bon Appetit~


  1. Jody, you turned ordinary baskets into beautiful thoughtful gifts! You have some very lucky friends!! Julie +: )

  2. It is such a good idea. I gave my nieces and nephews baskets made up with strawberry plants - they loved them

  3. So pretty and so energetic. I'll be hitting the nursery on Wednesday, senior day.

  4. YES, I love that song (it's on disc #4 in my car)...and I love all your baskets. The herb with the rosemary handle is beautiful and will be such a joy to carry. Lucky friends indeed!

  5. A really, really, really precious gift. I'm so going to remember this. I see baskets at the thrift stores all the time.

  6. You created beautiful little gardens. Very creative!!

  7. I love all your beautiful edible baskets. Your friends must have loved their gifts.

  8. What a precious and thoughtful gift! Wished I lived closer to you. LOL. I'm sure your friends adored their gifts.

    How thoughtful of you!


  9. What a sweet, sweet idea! I know several people that I would love to make these for. Thank you so much for the ideas!! They are precious! :)


  10. This is such a great idea! What a wonderful gift, your friends are very lucky! I'm pinning this for sure!!

  11. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. What a great gift to give a friend and I have so many baskets in the garage. The next Birthday guess what they are getting. your pictures were terrific - thanks again.

  12. Who wouldn't love to get a gift like this with so much love wrapped in it! I'm going to keep this idea in mind. If we ever thaw out that is. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm a new follower.

  13. what a wonderful idea to banish those winter doldrums!

  14. I am sure your friends are going to love those garden baskets! They look great and I love the stamped corks, very original!

  15. I think these are the most perfect gifts ever!

  16. Oh Jody! Your baskets are simply delightful!! What a wonderful gift for your friends! I would love to receive something like this! I may have to copy your idea for my friends! Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Jody these are such beautiful thoughtful gifts for friends. I love the one you made for yourself. I would like to do something like this when and if Spring arrives in NJ. Need to get the ho use finished first though, LOL!


  18. I had to pin this! They are such beautiful, edible gifts!

  19. Jody,these are just so pretty and so clever too. They would cost a fortune in a florist shop. Love them. I've pinned them too if you don't mind. :)

  20. Perfect idea for a kitchen garden. Love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  21. These are gorgeous! Who wouldn't want one of those as a gift! What makes them special are the little touches you added; the chalkboard signs and tags. Love!

  22. oh Jody, these are wonderful, and makes me think there's some hope for Spring!!

  23. Jody I am so in need of a spring like feature! I love these and will feature them tomorrow on Home Sweet Home! Beautiful!

  24. Stopped in again to feature your baskets on Friday Finds!


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