Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~Filming of "Partners in Crime" in London and Simple & Sweet Fridays #137~

I wanted to share with you a wonderful surprise we saw when we were in London, England.
A filming for a new series on BBC called,
 "Partners in Crime".

BBC One brings Endor Productions and Acorn Productions' Agatha Christie’s married couple Tommy and Tuppence to life in a brand-new six-part adventure series for the channel. Partners In Crime stars David Walliams (Little Britain, Big School) as Tommy and Jessica Raine (Call The Midwife, Wolf Hall) as Tuppence.
Directed by Edward Hall (Restless, Downton Abbey), episodes 1-3, 'The Secret Adversary', are written by award-winning author, playwright and director Zinnie Harris, (Spooks, Born With Two Mothers, Richard Is My Boyfriend) with the following three, 'N or M?' penned by Claire Wilson, (Where There Is Darkness, Twist).

Partners In Crime is produced by Georgina Lowe, (Mr Turner, Mad Dogs), executive produced by Emmy award-winning Hilary Bevan Jones (Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot, State Of Play), David Walliams, Hilary Strong (Poirot, Have I Got News For You) and Mathew Prichard for Acorn Productions/Agatha Christie Ltd and Matthew Read for the BBC.
Partners In Crime is an adventure series with espionage and humour at its heart. Set in a 1950s Britain rising from the ashes of the Blitz into the grip of a new Cold War, our beekeeping duo stumble into a world of murder, undercover agents and cold war conspiracy.
We were doing a lot of sightseeing and came across a film crew taping in Holborn, England.
The building in the background is the back entrance to the
Royal Court of Justice.
It was very exciting to watch what happens
 behind the camera. 
They were filming one scene and it took a long time for everything to go just right.
Seeing David Walliams and Jessie Raine in person 
made my day.
Lots of people involved in making this series possible.
We watched for about 1 hour while they shot the scene.

I was in awe how beautiful the buildings looked.
Can't wait to see the series in November.
Just around the corner was the,
 "Old Curiosity Shop,
 I went to in 1972.
13 Portsmouth Street, Holborn, London WC2A 2ES 
So I had to take another photo with Stan.
The paint has changed but,
 it still has the same charm it had then.
It was a great day to share it with my girls!
 Lots of wonderful memories!

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  1. So exciting to watch a series being filmed, isn't it, and what a beautiful location! Your photos at the Old Curiosity Shoppe, both past and present, are sweet for different reasons, I'm sure, but both include the love of family.

    Thanks for hosting, and have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Love the Olde Curiosity Shoppe! And I am a huge fan of BBC TV!!

    Thanks for the party!!


  3. what a great tip to London I have never been there however both my girls have and I love all your pictures.
    I watch BBC tv every time I find it on my rotating cable company

  4. Wow how exciting to see them filming while sight seeing. I love British shows! England is such a pretty place to visit! Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful photos and for the party too. Have a nice weekend.

  5. How fun to see a show being filmed! I will have to tune in to this one. I really enjoyed the series Call the Midwife. Thanks for hosting the party as well! Cheerio!

  6. Yay a new BBC show to watch and I love Jessica from Call the Midwife! Happy Friday :-)

  7. I love BBC series! Isn't it amazing how long it takes to shoot just one scene? I also loved seeing your 1972 bell bottoms. :)

  8. Just when I was going to miss Jessica on Call the Midwife...can't wait for the new series to reach here. I have the old green dishware from Royal "Ye Olde Curiosity Shop". What spectacular scenery...those buildings!!! Thanks for hosting;)

  9. Thanks for the feature Jody. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I have been busy getting the house ready. I'm also getting ready to tackle many projects. I have been visiting all my favorites though


  10. I loved Jessica on Call the Midwife..
    This show looks great too..
    Don't you just love when something unique happens ON TOP of a wonderful trip.
    Love seeing you and the girls in front of the shop..I think I would frame the and and the one of those three opening frames..
    That is quite priceless.
    Who knew back then?
    We love all British shows and all French shows.

  11. Wow I just love Agatha Christie, and to have a new series on her couple in a mystery series is so nice. It sounds like you're having one spectacular trip! My favorite are the British shows. love the shop and your girls in front! Thanks also for the feature!

  12. Jody thank you for the feature, but mostly it delights me that you like something I did :D:D:D, as I adore your taste and style.
    Did you pick up the British accent while there ? :D I speak with British accent when I am happy and, its become my trademark for happy times.
    I hope I get to see this series, I like old style Agatha Christie.
    It sounds like you're having a blast there! Have you gone to any Garden Shows or Tours??

  13. I've never been to London, love your photos. How fun to see a British series being filmed while on your trip and revisiting the Curiosity Shop. Thanks for the party!

  14. This is the best information I've heard all week. I could not understand why Jessica Raine was leaving Call The Midwife. Now I know. I am so smitten with British television. I can't wait to see the new series. I love that you updated the photo, how often does that happen. Oh, and thanks for hosting.


  15. What an exciting thing for you! How neat to say you saw some of the filming of this series! Love your photos. Have a great week!

  16. What a wonderful trip. Great pictures!

  17. What a great blog post. I love Tommy & Tuppence and am thrilled to know that a new series is being made. Thanks for the look behind the scenes.

  18. Stan and Jody, I am loving the pictures from your trip. I would love to visit the Old Curiosity Shop. Lovely features this week too!


  19. to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post.
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  20. What a fabulous trip! and how lucky to stumble on a film being made- Love anything BBC does - especially mysteries! the photo of the curiosity shop now and then is wonderful!

  21. How exciting to see a new BBC show being filmed, what a fun experience! I love BBC shows and look forward to them coming out on my local PBS, this show sounds right up my alley! :) Thanks for hosting Simple and Sweet Fridays! :)

  22. Thank you so very much for the feature this week on my "A Little Autumn Here and There" post. It is such a honor to be selected! What a great surprise to watch a film being shot while on your trip to England. I've never been to England, but I hope to do so some time in the future. I think my husband and I should though being that he plays John Lennon in The Cast of Beatlemania. ;) Thanks for hosting your party!

  23. Love your London photos! I recently read about the shop and dishes inspired by Charles Dickens' novel when I found some at swap meeting! Thanks for hosting! Blessings, Cecilia

  24. These are so pretty! I just added my link -- the succlents might be pretty in my glitzed up pumpkins!


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