Tuesday, July 7, 2015

~Happy Tuesday~

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!!
Our family relaxed and enjoyed the holiday.
The weather was nice so,
 we spent a lot of time in the garden.
Pizza was on the menu.
We had fun making different ones.
Nothing like the taste of homemade pizza.

I picked some of our eggplants.
I also made Eggplant Parmesan.
It was so good!!
It was a wonderful holiday weekend,
spending it with family and friends!!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!!


  1. I wasn't hungry until now Jody! YUM!!! That looks incredible!
    You and I have been doing the same thing lately----snaps of roses and blue mason jars...nothing prettier than that! Yours look beautiful all lined up on your mantle. My photos probably won't get posted forever and ever because I am so far behind in posting. I still have photos of peonies I want to post :))))
    Have a great day!
    hugs from here...

  2. Glad you enjoyed your holiday, Jody. Everything looked scrumpdillyishus! Now on to some serious gardening. :) Hugs, Deb

  3. Mmm your pizza looks good. We made homemade pizza last night. It sure is a treat!

  4. How pretty are your roses in the blue mason jars! And those pizza's! So delicious looking! xo Karen

  5. Your food looks delicious Jody! Hello from across the pond, Fiona :)

  6. Your pizza's look wonderful Jody, I like to experiment, too. It's great though, to have someone chopping away with you! Did you follow any specific recipes? And for the eggplant? I recently tried an Eggplant Parmesan recipe from a new cookbook and it was terribly bland. :(

    Glad you had a happy 4th!

    Jane x

  7. Jody & Stan,
    Adore your blue jars with pink roses across the mantel, dear friends!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I made a similar GARDEN sign that hangs near the Herb Garden!!!
    Basil and eggplant. .. life is good, indeed!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  8. I found a whole box of mason jars down in the basement that belonged to my Mama and I can't wait to put them in the bathroom window.. It's a wide window not to long.. they look so pretty your jars with the roses.. just lovely pizza looks great to. and the eggplant.. with Love Janice

  9. So glad that you had a great 4th. Those pizza's look wonderful and I love Egg Plant.
    Have a terrific weekend. Isn't the weather great - now if it would just rain up here in So CA I would be happy.


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