Monday, September 28, 2015

~Comforts of Home~

The weather in San Diego has been very hot and humid this summer.
I just thought I'd stay inside today and enjoy the air conditioner.
I love fresh flowers in the kitchen.
Stock is one of my favorite.
It smells so good.
We made some sweets for breakfast.
Carly made homemade coffeecake.
Chocolate croissants
and heart pancakes.
I wanted to make Red Wine-Braised Shortribs. I found a recipe in Bon Appetit 2011. I love using fresh herbs from the garden.
You can find the recipe on
The meat was so tender,
Stan loved it!
I also made 
Good Eats Creamed Corn Cornbread
(Alton Brown's recipe)
Definitely Comfort Food.
The garden has lots of butternut squash this year.
I love the arranging little Fall vignettes from the things we grow.
The princess loves her Jack-Be-Little Pumpkins.
I wanted to share with you our beautiful water lilies.
The bees love them too!!


  1. That's a fabulous comfort food meal! Lovely photos and thoughts!

  2. I've found some great recipes this summer with butternut squash. Better yet, my daughter found them and she has shared, the receipes and yummies. It has been hot and humid in Nashville too and I'm so ready for Fall. Soon, very soon. I love the chalkboard and what you did to make it lovely.

  3. Oh your food looks so yummy! I also love your chalk board! That is so cute! Thanks for sharing, Lynn

  4. OH BEI den leckeren BILDER bekomme ich
    so spät am ABEND noch HUNGER,,,,
    soooo gut,,,,
    habe noch einen feinen ABEND
    bis bald die BIRGIT

  5. Happy fall to you.
    I enjoy ..that you are such a "nester"~:)

  6. Your posts are always a feast for the eyes! I NEED a cast iron pan!

    I'm so s0orry I didn't mention you as a source for the handmade pumpkins and I certainly will So many for extraordinary prices everywhere from Chicago to down here in Asheville. Sad.

    Happy Fall to you and Stan and your daughters!

    Jane xx

  7. Jody & Stan,
    All the comforts of home. . .within the home!!!
    I enjoyed this post, immensely, today!!!
    It's been an extremely warm day here on the Prairie!!!
    Weather forecast states we are to begin Fall~like temperatures!!!
    I say, Bring it on!!!"
    Love the groupings of butternut squash and the Jack~Be~Little Pumpkins!!!
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!!!

  8. I should have came dor dinner, wink. It looks great ade me hungry.. happy Autumn with love Janice

  9. Boy did I need to be here today! Pure comfort! I am just now beginning to unwind from the past three and one half months of pulling the reunion together and mom's fall. We LOVE short ribs in red wine in this house, however they can be a little spendy! Did you make the Pain au Chocolat? I am so jealous in a good way, of course! Autumn hugs from here!

  10. Hi Jody and Stan,

    You sure know how to make the best of a too hot to go outside day! It's bedtime here, in Toronto, but I'm craving breakfast now, so I'll have a little of everything, please! Love your fairy tale water lilies - they're perfect. Everything is simply beautiful.

    Happy Thursday!



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